Wrongfully Convicted Man Blames Kamala Harris for Return to Jail

Wrongfully Convicted Man Blames Kamala Harris For Spending Years In Prison

(RightWing.org) – Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has secured the #2 spot on Joe Biden’s White House ticket and is looking to appeal to the so-called Progressive vote – the left-wing activists who’ve spent the last three months chanting “no justice, no peace” and calling for the cops to be defunded. Unfortunately for her, her legal background is about as far from Progressive as it could possibly be.

Miscarriage of Justice

Even the best legal system makes mistakes. When the system isn’t as fair and professional as it could be, like the one in infamously-Liberal San Francisco, it tends to make more and bigger mistakes. Sending an innocent man to jail for almost 20 years is a pretty major one – but, when he was finally freed, Kamala Harris tried to send him back for the rest of his life.

  • In 1992, Caramad Conley, then 22 years old, was arrested for a double murder committed during a drive-by shooting in April 1989. To his horror and disbelief, he was found guilty and given 12 life sentences without parole.
  • In fact, there was no evidence against Conley, except the word of his friend Clifford Polk – who, unknown to him, had become a police informer in exchange for cash and having his own drug offenses overlooked. And, as the Northern California Innocence Project found when they started looking into the case in 2003, Polk’s evidence against Conley was a work of fiction.
  • Polk admitted to the campaigning attorneys that he’d invented it all to keep his police handlers happy, and the cops – one of whom, Prentice Earl Sanders, went on to become the SFPD’s first Black chief – didn’t bother to check the story.
  • In June 2010, Conley’s case finally made it back to court – and that December, a new judge, armed with the full story of the evidence against him, dismissed the case without prejudice.
  • That should have been the end of Conley’s 18-year ordeal, but at this point, Kamala Harris entered the picture. In her last month as California District Attorney, she must have been briefed on Conley’s case and the reasons he’d been cleared. However, she ignored the court’s findings.
  • Instead of being allowed to walk free, Conley was immediately rearrested and sent back to the county jail to await a new trial – for the same crime, and without any new evidence to show he’d committed it.
  • Happily for him, in January 2011 a new DA took over and he was immediately released. But, if Kamala Harris had stayed in the job for another year, he’d have had to face the ordeal of being tried a second time for a crime he didn’t commit.

Caramad Conley is a forgiving man and says that, whatever Harris did as San Francisco DA, she deserves a second chance. People can change, he believes. But he also believes Kamala Harris is an opportunist, bred in the Bay Area’s notoriously dirty Democrat politics – “What she did locally, I think she was bred that way by that political culture – none of their hands are clean.”

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