Russia’s Barbaric Troops Leave Dead Civilian Bodies Everywhere…Some Had Been Tortured and Raped

Bumble Dee/

From the Christian Crusades to a 20-year war that saw human heads brutally severed from their bodies, the cruelty of humanity remains the mainstay of our very existence. With a few small and less important exceptions, the world experienced a rare and all-too-brief peaceful lull following the U.S.s humiliating departure from Afghanistan. So as not to disrupt history’s repetitive deadly apple cart, Vladimir Putin stepped up and overturned it with a display of cruelty not seen since the likes of Adolf Hitler. 

Only now that the Russians have vacated particular areas to inflict Armageddon elsewhere in Ukraine is the willful slaughtering of civilians being brought into full light. Old, young, male, female, the soldiers didn’t discriminate. These were just faceless bodies to be exterminated as the Russians saw fit. If their chosen methods helped fulfill any of their sadistic desires, all the better. Win/win. 

When Russia’s logic-defying column of tanks was rolling through the heavily treed Kyiv suburb of Bucah they were easily ambushed by Ukrainian forces. Photos revealed tanks and armored carriers smoldering on the roadside in the aftermath. Shortly following the surprise attack not one single Russian soldier could be seen. They hightailed it out of there leaving the remaining tanks to then be destroyed.

But the Russians returned and they were hellbent on revenge. They took Bucah by force and settled in a month-long reign of terror before suddenly up and leaving. A group of old women was found piled together with their hands tied behind their backs, their bodies riddled with bullets from their execution-style deaths.

Children running from the violence were used as target practice, their bodies left in the street to rot among the trash and debris. No one dared to attempt rescuing their bodies knowing they’d meet the same fate. People starved in their homes rather than risk venturing out. Better to perish from hunger than by a Russian’s hand. 

Moscow has claimed that the photos of dead bodies and leveled buildings are part of a “fake media campaign” to make them look like the bad guys. It’s Western brainwashing.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the accusations of civilians being brutally murdered are “groundless, but are a well-staged tragic show” and “a forgery in order to try to denigrate the Russian army.”

Some of the bodies now being recovered have laid where they were killed for an entire month. The bodies of five contorted and bloodied men were discovered in the cold dark basement of a sanitarium.

The bodies were decayed beyond recognition. Torture of various sorts had been involved in their demise. A few of the men’s kneecaps had been removed.

In the nearby city of Borodianka, a woman found a man’s body in her flower garden with his hands tied and a plastic bag over his head. His pants had been pulled down and his legs were bruised. The Ukrainian police said, “He was executed, gunshot to the head.” But not before he had been sexually violated.

When the shelling first began Oksana Kostychenko and her husband Oleksandr fled Borodianka. They recently returned to their house which was still intact, but inside it had been ransacked and destroyed by Russian soldiers who had used their house as barracks. Empty liquor bottles were everywhere and the couple’s pet bird was lying dead in its cage.

Oksana said, “Alcohol is everywhere; empty bottles in the hallway, under things. They (the Russians) smoked a lot, put out cigarettes on the table. They used the bed linen as their own.”

For all of the many stories being heard of Ukrainian citizens feeding Russian soldiers and allowing them to call their moms, there are a dozen more stories of the barbarism these same troops are capable of.