Sanders Faces Electability Woes

Bernie Sanders may seem likable in the polls. However, he’s been down this road before. When the 2016 primaries were coming up, the DNC gave the nomination to Hillary Clinton instead of to him.

There are a number of foes that face Sanders, including whether he is actually an electable candidate in the general election.

Sanders might have ideas that millennials like. As an extreme leftist, there are plenty of moderate Dems who fear as though he is going to tear the country apart.

There’s also appearances. He’s older than both Biden and Trump. If Trump was teased about his orange-ish hue, what are they going to say about Sanders’ hair and general crazed look?

Prove It, Sanders

The Vermont Senator has to prove that he’s capable of winning the general election. It’s not enough to come up with great ideas and do well in the polls. If he were to get the DNC nomination, he would have to be able to win against Trump – and there are too many people who question whether he can do that – especially with some of his outlandish comments about population control.

The democratic socialist, in the White House, is an idea that many people are terrified of.

Faiz Shakir, the campaign manager for Bernie Sanders, admits that there are some fears within certain pockets. People aren’t sure about the Medicare for All component of his platform. The campaign aides feel that if they can persuade voters that he can triumph over Trump, it’s the key to winning the primary.

People love Bernie, but there’s still the question of whether he can beat Trump due to how far to the left he sits on so many issues.

Americans Want Moderate

There are always going to be people who say they want to see America change. However, there’s a big difference between change and getting a socialist president who wants to change everything that the country stands for.

Plenty of voters want to see a more moderate choice win the primaries. Moderate is the only way that they can beat Trump. Sanders simply cannot get the job done.

Warren has been making more strides towards showing voters that she can beat Trump. Although she has many of the same progressive leanings as Sanders, she’s not quite as far left as he is.

She’s level-headed and knows how to answer questions without raising further concern. Further, she’s the female that so many Dems want to see take office since Clinton failed to get it done for the party in 2016.

The biggest problem is that Democrats are so terrified of Trump winning another election that they’ll allow the United States to collapse in the process. Many pollsters are being told that they’d rather see a candidate who can take on Trump than about the policy positions.

This is a terrifying thought. So, it’s okay to elect someone into office who wants to do away with saying “God” in oaths. It’s okay to elect someone into office who wants to allow abortion as a form of population control. It’s also okay to elect someone into office who wants to get rid of private insurance in favor of Medicare for All.

The Democrats are looking at the numbers all wrong. They’re using data to show that the polls show Sanders being able to beat Trump. However, it’s not taking into consideration the moderates that aren’t being polled.

There are too many moderate Dems who would rather, when given some privacy at the ballot box, vote Trump for a second term than take a chance with Sanders.

Sanders and his radical ways are too much of a wild card. He’s too much of a wild card. No one knows what they can truly expect from the Senator – and that scares too many people. No one wants the US to become an example of socialism.

Biden showing up as the lead in most polls shows what Americans want – an older white male who isn’t going to do anything too dramatic. This means that both Sanders and Warren, when looking at the real facts, are out of the equation.

The Dems are going to try to use any data they can to show that Sanders or any Dem for that matter can beat Trump. The reality is that no one can – Trump is the best option that the country has for the next four years.

Dems are going to have to accept that fact. If not now, they’ll have to realize it once Americans have spoken at the polls.