Satanist Club in Full Swing in Illinois School

The public school system is under siege by dangerous forces. Joe Biden and his liberal elite continue their attacks by infiltrating with their poisonous beliefs, and now it seems that followers of Satan are joining their ranks.

The horrible nature of the Satanic Church is unfelt, mainly in America. But the more time that goes by and the more poison the Democrats spread around leads to the acceptance of such horrors as that of Satanism.

Moline, Illinois, is the stage for the latest attacks of young minds. And one would think that the school system would want to exclude such dangers to protect the students. But instead of protecting the students, the school decides to protect The Satanic Temple and set up a club at the local elementary school.

Most people do not realize that the Satanic church does involve itself in illegal activities hidden from the public eye. And those activities are dangerous and have been known to result in the death of animals. The Satanic club was found passing out its literature to the little kids hoping that some of them would join up.

The flyer was passed around to target elementary-age students. It was sent home requesting permission for the kids to join the club. One can only imagine what kind of activities this club would seek to engage in. But the school turned a blind eye to the flyer and let it be passed out.

The Moline-Coal Valley School District decided to defend itself. The Satanic Club passed out the flyers by stating that “The Moline-Coal Valley School District understands that there is concern and confusion over an upcoming after-school club at Jane Addams elementary. The District would like to provide information on the situation. The Moline-Coal Valley School District and Board of Education have policies and administrative procedures in place which allow for community use of its publicly funded facilities outside the school day.”

Its statement is full of high-profile words designed to sound intelligent. They need it to sound official, so parents agree with its wording. But when one reads on, they quickly find out that the school does not care about the parents’ opinion.

The school district stated that they would not “discriminate against any groups who wish to rent our facilities, including religious-affiliated groups. They are willing to let any group in and let them use the building regardless of the harm that can happen to the kids. Religiously affiliated groups are among those allowed to rent our facilities for a fee.”

They even put the Satanic club on the level of churches and other religious organizations. The school restricts their literature and demands that it be left on the foyer bulletin board and not passed around. But here, the Satanic group got to pass out their flyers to every child.

Blah, blah, blah is all that the school could state. They maintained that they care about the safety of each child, and here they are, letting a cult run through the school hallways. Logic would dictate then that any group could come in and create a club. A child smuggling club could theoretically be created and could meet on school grounds for the sole purpose of collecting kids. The school would then be bound to let it meet because they don’t discriminate.

The word discriminate is a fancy word that describes thinking things through. So, they claim that they do not think before they act. And letting a Satanic club on school grounds is proof of their ignorance.

The Satanic club revolves its program around the worship of Satan. But in a liberal-run school that denies such entities exist, they will never see the harm their ignorance will bring on the students. Everything about the occult is dangerous and destructive. And there is not a club in the world that can justify its existence on anything else but that fact. This is just another way the liberals are attacking children’s minds in the public school system.