Schumer is a Scumbag, Says Biden’s Denial is “Sufficent”

Democrat Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer blasted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he faced allegations and defended himself.

But it is okay for Biden to deny allegations and not have to say anything further. Between Schumer and Pelosi, they are the worst hypocrites this country has ever seen.

Both supported the woman’s testimony in the Kavanaugh case, which turned up to be false when Kavanaugh was on the stand with no substantial evidence.

Now that Biden is in the hot seat with credible evidence, they believe him over the woman who was sexually assaulted. They even went as far as to say his denial of the allegations is “sufficient.” What kind of backward world do we live in?

Indeed these are what was called “Biblical times” when good will be seen as evil and evil will be accepted as good. Schumer was asked in an interview if he believed Tara Reade over former Vice President Joe Biden.

He responded, “Before the #MeToo movement, women were not listened to [by] who they were telling what had happened to them. Since #MeToo, women are listened to.”

Schumer continued, “Now I’ve heard Joe Biden’s explanation. I think it’s sufficient. I think he will be a great candidate. I think he will be a great president. And I think he will help us take back the Senate.” What planet did these people come from?

Evidence is all across the board with Tara Reade’s claim Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. When Reade told her story and came forward after other women did, she told of how Biden inappropriately touched her. It turned out after she gave her story, the allegation was much worse and was raised to sexual assault.

Reade stated that her file was in a university, and all they had to do was get the file of the claims she made when it happened. She described in detail to friends, family members of what happened, and her story never changed. When a person lies, their story is inconsistent.

Reade’s mother even called the Larry King Live show and spoke to Larry King when the incident happened, but she never gave her name or her daughter’s name. The phone call remained on record to this day.

There are so much evidence and witnesses to how distressed Reade was after the sexual assault, and she was also asked to leave her position as a Senate aide.

Republicans attacked Schumer on how quickly they accept Biden’s denial. When Kavanaugh denied the allegations against him.

Democrats downplayed his denial, and Schumer was one of the first dirty players to call for Kavanaugh to step down. Back then, Democrats were all for believing women’s claims.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump and was one of his top picks. Anyone who is for President Trump, the truth, and against the deep state, the Democrats do not want them in power.

It messed up a considerable part of their plan when Kavanaugh’s case was dismissed, and he earned the seat on the Supreme Court.

Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, wasted so much valuable time with the FBI’s investigations, which turned up false.

Schumer appeared on “The View.” These were his words on Blasey, “I think the allegations of Professor Ford are extremely credible. She took a lie detector test. She talked [about] this to her therapist. They were having family counseling in part because of what happened to her five years ago and told all the details. And third, to come out and say something like this puts you and your family through incredible scrutiny. People throw brickbats at you and everything else.”

He continued, “She didn’t do it on a whim. I don’t think she did it for political reasons. She has a great deal of credibility. They should go interview Professor Ford. They should interview Judge Kavanaugh. They should ask a whole lot of questions. They should interview anybody else, that third person who was in the room, anyone else who was at the party, anyone else she may have said this to in addition to her therapist.”

Schumer concluded, “They will give a report to the Senate and then Judge Kavanaugh and Professor Ford ought to come publicly and they ought to be asked a lot of questions. And then I think, in my view, the public will see that these allegations are true.”

When will the same be done for Biden?