Schumer Tells TSA to Replace Unvaxxed Workers with Dogs

By Jim Lambert

By now, you all likely know at least one person who’s been negatively affected by Democratic President Joe Biden’s overreaching and illegal vaccine mandate. Thousands are being fired, let go, or forced to get a jab of something that has already sent thousands more to the hospital or worse – all without actually stopping COVID-19.

And it’s about to get a lot worse.

Per Biden’s September mandate, all federal employees have to be fully vaccinated by no later than November 22 if they want to keep their job. Now, while that might not sound bad to the liberal-filled halls of congress or even the Pentagon these days, for agencies like the Transportation Security Administration or TSA, it’s already causing massive problems.

According to CNN and an interview with TSA Administrator David Pekoske, only about 60 percent of the TSA workforce is fully vaccinated so far. Obviously, if the agency wants to proceed with current staffing needs, that number will need to increase significantly and in only a few weeks’ time.

As you well know, it takes several weeks for the process of vaccination to be completed; weeks the agency is running out of.  According to the New York Post, to make the deadlines in time, the remaining 40 percent of unvaccinated workers would need to have gotten their first Pfizer shot on Monday to keep their job. And for those going the one-shot Johnson & Johnson route, they would need it by no later than November 8, a mere two weeks from now.

Suffice it to say that at this point, the deadline is no longer the problem.

Instead, the issue is how the agency will keep doing their job with a whopping 40 percent of their workers suddenly gone.

As the Post reported, one plan was simply sending in managers to fill in for the recently fired unvaccinated workers. However, with so few of the 40 percent actually doing what is required of them to keep their jobs, it’s becoming blatantly clear, there are not enough managers to go around.

So what now?

Enter Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his not-so-wonderous plan.

As he said during a media briefing on Sunday, “If TSA lags in jabs, send in the dogs.”

That’s right… Schumer’s idea is to replace some 40 percent of TSA workers with literal dogs, wagging tails, lots of fur, and barks to boot.

According to the Democratic Senator, “If the agency plans now with contingencies, including the deployment of canine dog teams, wherever the vaccine rates are impacting staffing and security, travel headaches can be avoided.” He added, “The canine teams are really effective.”

Now, to some extent, I’m sure he is correct.

Canine units have proved to be an invaluable source for many different industries, including law enforcement, military personnel, and are even used in therapeutic settings worldwide. I do not doubt that adding them to the TSA will prove to be effective on some measures, particularly when sniffing out, literally, prohibited items such as explosives, firearms, and drugs in airports.

However, there are a few issues with the idea that nearly half an entire agency’s workforce can suddenly be replaced with ‘man’s best friend.’

The first of which is the obvious point that dogs can’t do everything a human can. Sure they can find illegal substances and even chase down and catch suspects. But when it comes to actual arrests, filling out paperwork, or any other of a million tasks TSA agents perform daily, a dog just isn’t up to snuff.

Secondly, they do know that the holidays are coming, right? That means thousands of more airplane passengers than usual, which means thousands more potential crimes and incidents these dogs must be ready for.

And there is the whole process of getting rid of the current human personnel. For agencies like the TSA, lengthy termination processes and exit interviews are to be completed, all of which are paid for by taxpayer dollars.

And that’s all assuming that things go smoothly in the coming weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, which is a mere three days after the November 22 deadline. What happens if the transition from humans to dogs doesn’t go so easily?

Well, like just about everything else the current administration has done, it will be another agency, another industry, and another project that has failed and left a gaping wound in our economy.

Good job, Democrats. Everyone thinks you’re such a success… Not.