‘Screw Anybody who Kneels for America’s National Anthem’…These Athletes are Standing Tall

Colin Kaepernick spit in the eye of every American patriot when he knelt during the playing of the National Anthem. He was the first to do so and his disrespectful behavior left viewers in a state of shock.

At that particular point in time, nobody really knew why he chose to ‘take a knee’. At this point in time, many of us still don’t. But it in some outlandish way became the cool thing to do. And who doesn’t want to be one of the cool kids?

As kneeling in disrespect gained widespread acceptance among athletes of all sports, inclusive of baseball, football, basketball, and soccer, fans of these sports aren’t having it. They quit watching, and they won’t watch again until this trend comes to a halt.

Very recently though, in contrast with his fellow players, Pittsburg Steelers defensive end, Stephon Tuitt, spoke his mind for all to hear, and could not have cared less about what anyone thought.

In Tuitt’s words, “My grandmother was a immigrant from the Caribbean and age worked her a** off to bring 20 people over the right way. She had no money and educated herself to be a nurse. She living good now.”

He further added, “Also I’m not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who have a problem with that.” We could not agree with him more.

Kaepernick claimed he took a knee in protest of police brutality against blacks. Though he was somewhat of an insignificant player, his newfound notoriety obviously excited his inner-demons.

Not willing to leave well enough alone, he blasted out message after message for his lowlife encouragers to revel in, and he’s still doing it. But he has gone way beyond his original lone reasoning for doing what he did.

These days, his nonsense messages reflect pro-communism statements, and even worse, anti-American sentiment. His fanbase is eating it up.

Especially after the killing of George Floyd, a slew of athletes, in fact, almost all of them, have followed in Kaepernick’s footsteps. But he isn’t really the one who is prompting them to do so. Their actions are being fueled by the radical-left Black Lives Matter moment in their quest to destroy the very foundation America rests upon.

Tuitt ain’t having it. He’s bucking what has become the norm for his fellow players. He’s proud of his country, and he’s proud of what his nation allowed his grandmother to achieve in the land of opportunity.

Tuitt is not completely alone. Though for different reasons, Sam Coonrad of the San Francisco Giants was the only player on his team who stood tall during the playing of America’s anthem at one of the team’s recent games.

Coonrad is a devoted Christian who said his faith will not allow him to kneel before anybody or anything other than the God of his faith. He also disagrees with the ideology of Black Lives Matter.

Coonrad didn’t hesitate to voice his objections when he said, “I just can’t get on board with a couple of things I’ve read about Black Lives Matter, how they lean towards Marxism. And … they said some negative things about the nuclear family. I just can’t get on board with that.”

Former football coach and tight end, Mike Ditka, didn’t mince his words whatsoever when he was recently asked by TMZ, “The whole kneeling thing in the NFL —you’ve got guys saying that they’re gonna do it. I’m seeing all these baseball players now, different teams. Last night watching baseball you got the Reds kneeling, the A’s, the Giants, lots of teams are kneeling, athletes kneeling. In your league here —you’re the chairman of this thing — is that going to be allowed if the women want to take a knee during the anthem? What’s the policy on that for you guys?”

Ditka was quick to reply, “If it was up to me I’d say no. If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country. That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old fashioned, so I’m only going to say what I feel. I think there’s a way you protest and a way you don’t protest. You don’t protest against the flag and you don’t protest against this country who’s given you the opportunity to make a living playing a sport that you never thought would happen. So, I don’t want to hear all the crap. You wanna try it, try it. You don’t, it’s okay.”

To the select few athletes who continue to stand upright, tall, and proud, as they face the flag during the playing of America’s longstanding National Anthem, we will continue to stand tall and proud with them.

How about you?