See the Women Who Are in the Running to be Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Joe Biden the womanizer is hacking it out with Bernie Sanders to be the next Democratic nominee for the office of the president. His latest move is to leak out that he is looking to choose a woman to be his running mate.

Biden is known for his over kindness towards women and little girls. This move for him to pick a woman as vice president should have parents and other women concerned as to his true motives.

Joe Biden has been seen in the faces of young girls and been known to say inappropriate things to them. He has also been known to lay his hands-on women that have pulled back because he makes them feel uncomfortable.

He also has been known to degrade women when he speaks to them. He talks to them like they do not know what they are talking about. His choice to pick a woman running mate is nothing more than a political diving board to propel him way ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Biden knows that he must attract women, voters. But that may be a thing of the past given his bad reputation within the female crowd. He believes that there are a bunch of women that he can choose from when the time comes for him to choose.

He is acting like some overlord seeking to choose his next bride from a row on contestants. From those that he could choose they are likely to agree given the fact that no woman has ever been vice president before.

The woman that he would be able to choose from does not serve based on what is right constitutionally. They serve based on the prestige they have for being in politics. Some people that he could choose from include, President Trump hater Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar for her distaste of Brett Kavanaugh, greedy Elizabeth Warren for her bank bailout tactics and Tammy Duckworth for her military efforts. There are a lot more that he could choose from. But he has to choose which one brings the most votes to the table.

Each one of the women that he is thinking about all has a block of voters that are willing to die for them. Biden is looking at all of them and is going to pick the one that brings the most votes.

He is not looking at their qualifications or what they bring by expertise. He is looking at the women like they are trophies ready to be taken as a prize. Joe Biden has to make a choice. But his choice will not be enough to overcome the sad image that the public has of the old man.

Joe Biden is tied too much to corruption. His son Hunter and now his brother is all under investigation for fraud and other illegal activities. Biden has even been silent on how his son Hunter is treating his son that he is having with a hooker.

Hunter’s one-night stand produced a baby that he is not willing to take care of. And now granddad has been silent about the issue. The Biden family cannot stomach the fact that a child they see as illegitimate should be a Biden heir.

The family is as corrupt as the Clinton family is. They hide their illegal activities and silence those that would dare speak out against them. Biden has been trying to distance himself from the bad public image his family gives him.

But he is having little success because his name is on the dotted line right next to their names. He allowed them to use his name for political gain. Why anyone would want to associate with a Biden turns the stomach.

President Trump already has the support of women in America. They love him for the role that he has played in correcting many of the Democratic messes that have been placed upon them.

There are now more jobs for them to choose from and their voice is heard loud and clear on issues that have been ignored for years. Joe Biden has already lost before he ever got started. The Democrats need to admit their defeat and save their money for another day.