Senator Rick Scott Frustrated With Standstill

Senator Rick Scott Frustrated With Standstill
Senator Rick Scott Frustrated With Standstill

With the shutdown over funding the new border wall now well into its fourth week, there seem to be a lot of people in our government who’re happy to not be doing very much. It’s frustrating to see people who get well paid to serve us, not doing their jobs, and this frustration is helping open the divide between the political class and ordinary Americans. Luckily there are some – a few – in Washington who’re still on the right side of that divide, and are as fed up of political games as the rest of us.


Senator Rick Scott, the newly elected junior senator from Florida, used his first live interview to criticize the Democrats who’ve paralyzed Washington over their refusal to approve funding for the president’s border wall program.

  • Scott, a former Florida governor who won a hard race with Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson last November, is a strong believer in the need for border security. His 2010 gubernatorial campaign had a strong focus on illegal immigration, and while he’s not viewed as an immigration hardliner, he does see the issue as important.
  • Now Scott has used his first interview, a Monday morning slot on Fox & Friends, to voice his support for the wall and criticize those who’re obstructing it for narrow political reasons.
  • He went on to express how frustrated he is at Democrats who won’t approve the funding President Trump has requested, but won’t discuss any alternatives.
  • “I guess they think this is good politics,” Scott said. “They won’t even negotiate with him. You gotta work with people. I worked with my Legislature.”
  • Scott says that the vast majority of people know we need border security, and voted for it to happen. He has no patience for people who claim to be working for the people but spend their time blocking any progress.
  • He also said that members of Congress should forgo their pay while the shutdown is in progress. With thousands of federal employees going without paychecks again this week, it’s hard to argue with him on this. Right now, politicians are taking away the wages of hard-working Americans while continuing to collect their own.
  • Scott’s happy to put his money where his mouth is on this issue. He refused to collect his salary while he was governor, and has already announced that he won’t be collecting his Senatorial salary either. Over 70 more members of Congress have said they’ll forgo salary payments while the shutdown continues.