Social Media Site is Giving New Liberal Users the Boot for Their Childish Antics…Here’s How You Can Help

Let’s face it. Twitter is rubbish. The social media platform has been overrun by liberals spouting pure gibberish aimed at disrupting the Republican party and Conservative values.

Some conservative members of the platform continue to tweet the truth, but the ensuing comments will tell a person all they need to know. Those who dare post even a blip of reality are lambasted into the fiery gates of hell for doing so.

More and more conservatives have had all of Twitter they can stand, and they wish to quit regurgitating after reading every new whiney liberal post. A great majority of them have tossed their tweets in favor of new platform catering specifically to them. That platform is called Parler.

Parler is a platform where like-minded individuals can share their thoughts, ideas, worries, and cares without fear of unjustified retaliation from ill-minded snowflakes. Until now. It was bound to happen.

Trolls, banging on keyboards from the basement of their mother’s house, have descended on the platform with a force equal to the storming of Normandy. “Take no prisoners, gents.”

In 2018 when the platform made its debut, Senator Ted Cruz hailed the site which is free of censorship and encourages its members to speak freely. Others, including many politicians, hopped on board the freewheeling train and registered.

Finally, they could speak their minds without fear of reprisal. And it worked very well. But only for a short while. Though not as bad as Twitter, some posts on Parler now require the fine art of discernment.

Many of the new registered Parler members, according to their profile pics, are people of color who are in direct opposition to Donald Trumps’ policies, and everything the President stands for.

One recent Twitter user tweeted this comment, “Omg. Black twitter [sic] & other funny twitter folk are invading Parler the conservative app. It’s trending and the posts are bonkers.”

The tweet was posted by a user with the handle of @teenagemillionaire and included a picture of Rand Paul along with a statement the former Senator had made about the new platform.

Rand Paul had tweeted the following: “I’ve spent my adult life fighting for Liberty, and I am excited about this new. Space where I can openly share my work with special people like you. Parler accepts your right to express your thoughts, opinions, and ideals online. No ‘throttling.’ No shadow banning. Just Free Speech—our God-given, Constitutional Right.”

Immediately following, Parler became a liberal stomping ground with the posting of sexually explicit photos, people asking where and when they are going to hook up, and other nonsense designed to take the focus away from important matters of discussion.

Although Parler claims to offer a non-biased free speech platform, this is not what the designers of the site had in mind, and they have taken action. They understand the intent of these trolls and are kicking them off of the platform like shooting tin ducks in an arcade.

Yes, they allow uncensored posting. No, they don’t tolerate foolishness. Members must present at least some level of maturity, which these users have yet to develop if they ever will.

One such new user, who received the boot, went straight to Twitter and tweeted, “I got thrown off tha app for ‘parling’ [sic] 10 things, 9 were te [sic]phrase “black lives matter” against some people who said “all/white lives matter” and one was me saying “f*** the kkk, So tell me, why was I censored from parler [sic]?’

But the new Parler members who identify themselves are not so much of a problem. They’re easily brushed off for the lunatics they are, and they’re incredibly easy to spot.

The liberal left-wing zealots falsely portraying themselves as conservatives for reasons of intentionally causing disruption and chaos are harder to spot, and there are more of them rearing their ugly heads every day.

Parler is making concerted efforts to identify these basement dwellers, and thus far have done a pretty job of it. But as we are all aware, they’ll keep popping back up using different profiles.

This is where individual discernment comes into play. Here is the best rule of thumb. If a post looks like it’s phony, it probably is.