Something is Definitely Wrong with Kim Jong Un

Alexander Khitrov/

As the leader of what can safely be called a hermit nation, Kim Jong Un has been the target of near-constant attention for years now. And while his dictator ways and tendencies to “test” missiles are certainly part of that, as of late, a much different topic has been on everyone’s mind. And that is of his health.

Over the past few years, we’ve known that Kim hasn’t been in the best of health, mostly due to the overly lavish lifestyle that put him not so safely within the 300+ pound range. As you well know, that kind of weight on a human body can cause some rather serious problems, including heart issues, concerns, with joints, and much more.

But then, in August of last year, things seemed to take a turn for the worst.

Of course, we weren’t told anything about any of it. But the communist leader was noticed at least once with a rather large bandage stuck to the back of his head, even during state meetings and national affairs. The locations and size of the bandage seemed to indicate that something had happened, whether that be a nasty accident or some sort of surgery, possibly even just some intense medical testing.

In any case, his nation was silent on the whole thing.

And since then, we have seen little of him to either confirm or deny such assumptions.

That is until recently.

A few weeks back, images of him speaking to a crowd in his country surfaced. And what we saw was Kim Jong Un, unlike we had ever seen before. For starters, he was much, much thinner.

A spokesperson for him eventually claimed that because of an ongoing and massive food shortage in the nation, the leader had decided to cut back on his usual intake for the sake of his people. However, the more likely story is that whatever happened to his health has likely forced him to change his lifestyle a bit, including how much and what kinds of foods he consumes.

This led many to believe that he might be actually finally taking care of himself and regaining some control over his health.

However, even more, recent video segments suggest otherwise.

Tuesday, some footage from a recently put-out 110-minute propaganda piece for the communist nation and its leader was released, at least in part. And it was during this footage people began to notice something even more strange about Kim.

Yes, he was still much thinner than before, but he nearly seemed gaunt this time, as in much too thin. He looked haggard, worn down, and just not himself. At one point, he even struggled to go down a set of stairs.

Naturally, the video was meant to inspire his people, showing that he was strong and in good health. He was seen riding horseback, reviewing military equipment, etc., but it also shows a man who clearly isn’t at the peak of health, particularly for a man who is only in his mid-30s.

Again, the government claims that Kim is simply cutting back for the sake of his nation, running his health into the ground so that a few more unfortunate souls can eat a meal of their own. But it would take a bit more than missing a few dinners to make a man so young appear so clearly frail and ill.

Besides, you can’t honestly tell me that his supporters and aides allow him to put his life on the line because there are food shortages, no matter how bad that might be. I mean, this is communist Kim Jong Un, for heaven’s sake.

Plus, while the Kim dynasty leader does have children to succeed him, at present, they are much too young to begin handling the affairs of state, leaving that option completely impossible.

The only real and likely successor would be his sister Kim Yo Jong, who has already proved herself to be a ruthless adversary to the Western world.

Still, we can’t imagine Kim Jong Un is willing to die for his people the way he seems to be. Instead, there must be something going on. Of course, we aren’t likely to know about the truth of it any time soon, if ever.