Sorry, Biden…Home COVID Tests Have Been FDA Approved During Trump’s Administration

Democrats think that Biden is going to come in as President and magically fix everything. He’s the second coming, isn’t he?

The pandemic has sent scientists and doctors into a tailspin. It’s unlike anyone’s ever had to deal with. It takes time to research and test and understand.

President Trump has been doing a lot while still trying to allow Americans to have their freedoms. He’s been working with laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to get a vaccine and faster testing solutions available.

When these things come out, it’s Trump who can be thanked, not Biden.

Biden may get to take it easy in the White House because the pandemic will be understood by then. And when it can be understood, it can be controlled.

Why will it be so easy for Biden? Because Trump has done the hard work. Trump has pushed for faster testing. And now, under Trump’s administration, an FDA-approved home test has become available.

Lucira Health is responsible for making the COVID-19 All-in-One Test Kit. It’s a self-collected system using a nasal swab.

This is big news because it means that people can test from the comfort of their home. Many Americans don’t want to go into a testing center where there could be sick people. After all, what could be a negative test result could be positive after being exposed.

According to the FDA’s news release about the COVID-19 All-in-One Test Kit from Lucira, people would be able to collect a sample using a nasal swab. Then, they place it into a sample vial. Results will, then, appear on a screen in less than 30 minutes.

While this at-home collection test will only be available by prescription, it is a way for people to self-administer. Further, as Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, the FDA Commissioner, explains, this at-home testing option is an advancement in diagnostics as a way to reduce the public transmission of COVID-19 and addressing the pandemic more appropriately.

The only way that the pandemic is going to get under control is with constant testing and fast results. Many people may have the virus without even knowing it. This causes the virus to be spread – and this is the phase that we are in right now.

With many of the tests, it can take days to get the results. This means that many people are in a constant state of waiting for results. While a person waits several days for the results, if they don’t quarantine at home, it could result in coming into contact with the virus. Then, it sets a vicious cycle in motion.

Although there have been close to 300 coronavirus tests approved by the FDA, many require that they be administered in a test site. Even if the collection can take place at home, it still requires the sample to be shipped (or dropped off) to a lab. As for the results, it can still take days to get.

The rapid at-home test may be one of the most important breakthroughs so people can quickly find out if they have the virus and take the necessary precautions.

The FDA Director for the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Jeff Shuren, says that a test that can be fully administered outside of a lab setting has been a major priority.

The goal is for even more at-home test options to be made available. Essentially, the FDA wants to make it as easy to test for COVID-19 as women can do to find out if they’re pregnant.

Only when people can know quickly if they have the virus can they take the necessary action to protect themselves and those they come into contact with.

This has all been done while Trump is still president. It means that the Trump administration has been working to get things done. It will be easier for Biden now that the research has been done for him. Regardless of who is in office when the pandemic is eradicated, we can look back and know how much was done during the current administration.