Spray-Painting his Way to Prison Over Racism

Swamp gas in Florida has been blamed for many things. But there is only one thing that can explain the actions of one man from Florida that will go down in history as the only man to ever spray paint his way into prison. The renegade Zachary Kato took it upon himself to spray paint on 100 stop signs anti-racist slogans. The Port Orange Police Department found the felony facing lunatic and put a stop to his defacing of public property. Kato is facing these charges and damages that amount to $12,500.

He spray painted words like “racism” and “I can’t breathe” under the stop word of each sign. These phrases are either anti-racist or they are making fun of the people that have died because of the violent tendencies of certain people. The phrase “I can’t breathe” was once the battle cry of the Black Lives Matter group. But they have since gone on to serve their new slave masters, the Democrats and desire to do their biddings of violence and political protest.

Kato obviously is affected by the swamp gases of Port Orange, Florida. In an unexplained spree of vandalism, he tried to say something about someone. But he failed to get his message across. Maybe he was just trying to be funny. But he will find that his new cellmate will not be as amused as he was while he redecorated each stop sign.

Death is not a laughing matter. The death of George Floyd and others while in a struggle is regrettable and never funny. Even if they were at-fault, their death is a tragedy. But to continue the violence and go on parades of vandalism is equally wrong and should never happen. But that is what happens when swamp gassed people listen to the news and fill their heads with the loony left’s propaganda.

Kato was not even the brightest of criminals. His vehicle was seen on surveillance at multiple spots. This allowed the police to identify the man and put him behind bars. His arrest also shows that crime from any person is never acceptable. His crime was in response to the acts of violence from the BLM. But his methods are not right just as theirs is criminal as well. America is a nation founded on truth and freedom. People have the right to protest, but only when it is done peacefully.

The 32-year-old man lost his mind. His actions are not worthy to praise. They must be condemned right along with the actions of the BLM. The Port Orange Police Department obtained the legal documents to allow them to search his Kato’s home. They found all the evidence they needed. They found the spray paint and a receipt for the paint and even stencils. Good penmanship was a necessity for Kato. The stencil size and the letters on the stop signs matchup. Kato is their man.

The only consistent group of people throughout all the violence and vandalism from both sides is the police. Their actions have been respectful and swift as they handle violent crowds and swampy people. They obtained the legal documents to search Kato’s home. Which shows everyone that there is a set standard for the police to operate and live by.

Kato cried the words “You can lock me up and throw away the key. I want to see a judge and jury tell me that speaking out against (expletive) racism is wrong.” The fact is that the message Kato had was right, but he went about voicing it the wrong way.

The country will see Kato, not as a hero, but rather as the country’s dumbest vandal. His cell phone contained pictures of the stencils and there were even screenshots of the post he made about his actions. What is the dumbest thing of all is found in what he said is “100 was too much but if I could do it all over, I would do it again.” Kato has a hard lesson to learn about the correct way of doing things and how to enact change permanently. Epoxy paint is not permanent as each sign will simply be changed.