Stimulus Check for a Vaccine…Fair Trade?

The insanity has to stop somewhere. If the United States is ever going to reunite and gain strength and momentum, we have to stop letting the far right and the far left continue to grab hold and rip.

The vaccine is out – and the demand is already stronger than the supply. People have signed up for shots across the country and are told they may have to wait weeks or months. Many states are struggling with how they’re going to meet the demand because they’re sitting on tens of thousands of vaccines that they don’t know how to distribute.

Meanwhile, Biden made the promise that there would be a third stimulus check within the pandemic. He promised $2,000. Since $600 was already distributed at the end of 2020, it means that American couples earning $150,000 or less are expecting to see a minimum of $1400.

If we’re going to have unity, we have to have trust. We have to trust that the government is going to do what they say they’re going to do.

Whether it’s an economically sound decision or not is beyond the point now. Biden made the promise and, therefore, $1200 checks need to be sent out. For most Americans, it will be financial help.

The problem is that there are now lawmakers who want to put caveats on the money. Again, we go from one extreme to the other.

Representative Steve Stivers from Ohio is an extremist. While he may want to protect the government’s economy, he’s also prepared to prevent people from trusting the country even more.

Stivers thinks that it would be a great idea to give the $1400 stimulus to anyone who receives the coronavirus.

This isn’t a fair trade. A person’s financial stability shouldn’t depend on if and when they get their vaccine. It’s shady – and it’s as if Stivers is working to create even more division across the country.

Let people get the vaccine on their own terms. Let them realize that it’s the only way that the country can heal from the pandemic. The problem is that if you force the issue, it will cause even more distrust.

There’s also the lack of availability that poses a problem. Right now, those over 65 and those with underlying health conditions should be getting the vaccine first. Even those people may have to wait months. What chance does a healthy person under the age of 65 have of seeing any kind of financial help?

Stivers is fine with making people wait. He’ll let people get mad at Biden for not releasing the money to them until they can prove that they’ve been vaccinated.

However, that kind of divisive thinking will inevitably backfire. The American Democrats won’t blame Biden. Instead, Republicans will blame Stivers. And the Republicans in Ohio won’t vote for Stivers once he’s up for reelection. It’ll be yet another seat that the GOP loses in the House – and that’s not what we need.

You can’t trade a stimulus check for a vaccine. It’s not a fair trade when you look at how the vaccines aren’t readily available yet.

The question has to be asked – how many people actually need the stimulus check? Those who have been working throughout the pandemic don’t need it. They’ll only put it into savings, which means that it won’t offer the stimulated economy that is needed.

So, what’s better?

Give people that really need it the money without any kind of conditions. Those who don’t need it don’t get a check.

There are plenty in the GOP who are talking sensibly. Add the money into unemployment benefits. Give people jobs. Help everyone get back to work. Let’s not just hand out checks to everyone. Most certainly, let’s not hand out checks based on the contingency of being vaccinated.

We need people to trust the government again. It’s hard with Biden in office, but we have to work with what we’ve got.