Stolen Baby Turns Up Years Later

It is the nightmare that every first-time parent thinks about when giving birth. When the baby is taken to the nursery at the hospital someone breaks in and steals one of the babies.

This is something that seems only to come up in movies, at least people like to think that it does. This happened in 1964 at a hospital in Chicago where a baby was kidnaped the day he was born. It was believed that he was gone for good until he showed up years later.

Paul Fronczak is the baby that came up missing decades ago. But now it is believed that he is living in Michigan under another name. Nearly 50 years ago a woman dressed as a nurse worked her way into the nursery and took the baby.

When the man was contacted by the FBI he did not know what to think about the incident. What was once labeled as a cold case was opened again in 2013 where evidence would track the baby to a doorstep in Michigan.

The man stated that “I have loose ends to tie up.” Meaning that he has a lot to do and sift through knowing that what he believed to be his family is the people that stole him from his real life. This is nothing more than a bad situation gone crazy. Fronczak’s real mother is still alive. But his real father has long passed away. He has stated that he is not sure if he wants to meet his real mother.

After the baby disappeared tons of police and FBI agents went all over the city trying to find the missing baby. After a year an abandoned child was found that seemed to look like the missing child. The new child was found far away in New Jersey.

After some years and new development in technology, the new child had his DNA checked and found out he was not the missing baby. The case gets heavier by the minute. Now Chester and Fora Fronczak have to deal with a boy that is not theirs and the fact that their true son is still missing.

Both boys shared the same name because their parents believed that they were the same. The second child from New Jersey started to realize that he did not look like his parents and that is why he wanted to be tested. But that did not stop him from growing up and having a family of his own in Henderson, Nevada.

He has long stated that “I really feel in my heart that the real Paul Fronczak is alive and well and out there, and nothing would make me more happy in this life than to find the real kidnaped child and, at the same time, I wouldn’t mind finding out who I am.” This man has been robbed of his identity just the like original baby that was stolen from the hospital years ago.

The reason that the case was reopened was that the original evidence file was finally found. One has to wonder why it was lost in the first place. So much technology has advanced over the years that finding stolen kids is becoming easier through DNA testing. Paul Fronczak from Michigan has stated that he knows that he is the missing baby. But his life is well-grounded, and he is not sure what he wants to do.

The speaker for the FBI, Siobhan Johnson, has stated that “Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing as we continue to pursue all leads. We ask for privacy for the victims as we continue to investigate the facts surrounding this case.”

Both of these men are searching for their true identity. Child kidnapping is a major problem. And for those that escape that life or grow up to start their own lives, they are left wondering what their lives were supposed to be like.

Human trafficking is a major problem that can only be solved when the sorry Democrats learn to care. Instead of bickering about what they do not have, they should focus their efforts on helping people that are truly hurting in America.

The president and the Republicans are the ones that have made living in the country special. For they have protected the rights that everyone enjoys by keeping the tide of liberalism from sweeping over and drowning every person.