Stunning Hypocrisy: Michelle Obama Scolds Nation from Martha’s Vineyard

Don’t you love it when jet-ski riding liberals tell you what to do? Many are too busy burning down cities to offer any advice at the moment, but Michelle Obama took time out of her busy schedule of dividing America and praising socialism to scold the nation this week at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

In between Bernie Sanders ranting about the Green New Deal and another phony Kamala Harris speech, Michelle Obama dialed in from her $12 million summer home in Martha’s Vineyard to tell tens of millions of Americans how they should live their lives.

Meanwhile, the gunshots were going off in Chicago.

A recent Chicago headline reads as follows: “At Least 35 Shot, 3 Killed So Far In Weekend Gun Violence In Chicago.” That’s 35 people shot in one weekend. Chicago is giving Mogadishu, Somalia, a run for its money.

This August, Chicago has seen its most violent month in 28 years as murders and shootings skyrocket. Two dozen children under 10 years old have been shot in Chicago this year just blocks from Barack Obama’s Presidential Library in Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago. It doesn’t sound like a lot of reading is going on there. Where are Barack and Michelle Obama to decry this travesty?

Not a day goes by without a shooting in Chicago. Google search “shot in Chicago” and you’ll see a new shooting every day. In just one incident on Tuesday this week, two more people were shot, a mother and her 9-year old son. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is scolding President Trump and Republicans from her Edgartown hammock in between bites of lobster salad. The worst part about it is that Democrats like the Obama’s have no clue how out of touch they are.

President Trump put it best this week when he said that if Barack Obama had done a “good job” he – President Trump – would not be in the Oval Office.

“The reason I’m here is because of President Obama and Joe Biden,” President Trump said. “Because if they did a good job I wouldn’t be here.”

Barack Obama’s disastrous and divisive presidency set up the conditions for President Trump’s 2016 victory. The problem is that despite this being a very clear and obvious fact, Obama, along with many Democrats, thinks he did a GREAT job.

In Barack Obama’s mind, the Unaffordable Care Act is a success and transgender bathrooms are a good idea (as are diversity quotas in the suburbs). Obama also thinks we need to raise taxes to pay for socialist federal programs, give illegal immigrants free health care and driver’s licenses, and reinstate the disastrous Iran Deal.

Barack Obama had eight years to solve the violent crime problem in Chicago. But while shooting waves rocked Barack Obama’s adopted hometown, his administration was too busy suing nuns over birth control and spying on the Trump campaign. Priorities?

The fact is that Democrat-run cities EVERYWHERE are in flames, riddled with crime and smoldering proof of the Democrat’s bankrupt ideology. Portland, New York, Chicago…taxpayers are fleeing cities while anarchists and the homeless are moving in.

One out of three homeless people in the U.S. lives in Democrat-run California alone. San Francisco, a bastion of far-left radicalism and home to Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is virtually unlivable with people defecating in the streets and children’s playgrounds covered in needles. Meanwhile, the San Francisco City Council is busy banning plastic straws. It’s the liberal dream and America’s nightmare.

Is it possible that the party of Barack and Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and AOC is blind to their own insanity and failures? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a Democrat’s head is in the sand or up their…well, you get the picture.

That’s the problem with liberals. Conservatives have their convictions, but they aren’t going to run up to a stranger and force-feed them their ideas. Not only do liberals think their bad ideas are great, but they demand that you agree with them, too. And they, like Michelle Obama, will tell you so from their $12 million summer home on Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, the shootings continue in Chicago and America’s cities burn. Stunning.