Supermarket Chain Owner Proclaims Prices Will Go Up ‘Tremendously’; Biden to Blame

By eldar nurkovic
By eldar nurkovic

Monday Fox Business Network hosted Gristedes supermarket chain owner John Catsimatidis on their show. Suffice to say he has the same concerns most Americans have under the current Biden administration and their uncontrolled inflation growth. Given his current position in the markets, host Maria Bartiromo took this opportunity to ask him about where the real problem is with grocery delivery and the prices.

Catsimatidis did not hold back in his response. “We’re both in the oil business and food business, so I see all the ends of the chain. We’re at almost 84 dollars for oil this morning. We’re going to see $100 oil, it looks like…So what are the CEOs doing? They’re raising prices. They want to be ahead of the curve. I see food prices going up tremendously, they want to be ahead of the curve and the way we are doing it is they are dropping all promotions, they are dropping slow-moving items”.

This response is not unsurprising. While Biden loves to blame people ‘not wanting to work’, companies for delaying shipments, COVID, and OPEC for the high oil prices, he has the authority to do something here. Ships are sitting off the coast waiting to bring goods in. The longer they sit the more pricing rises and the more spoiled food can become.

Yet Biden refuses to tap into our reserves, to work on the progression for our oil pipelines, or to offer any unique assistance to keep prices in check. He refuses to let the American people know what is going on either. His silence is compliance in this horrific economy. Instead, the pricing keeps going sky high, and the American people can’t do anything but bend over and take it.

Throughout this month various videos came out from across the US highlighting the problems. We have seen clips and images of hundreds of boats sitting offshore waiting to get in to unload. Then came the videos of 20-100 semi-trucks waiting in shipping yards to get loaded trailers to haul off. These trailers aren’t coming quickly, and it’s all working to force American’s to open their wallets even further to drive us deeper into this recession.

With skyrocketing prices, the Government needs to do something about it, or these tremendous price jumps will cause irreparable harm to our American way of life. As a nation, we have seen astronomical supply chain shortages in consumer goods. This in turn led to higher prices to get things moving faster and to make up for lost revenue due to shutdowns. With the skyrocketing oil prices, transporting these goods got more expensive too, thus pushing the price for goods even higher.

Suffice to say we are stuck in an endless loop of shortages and higher prices. This means your dollar doesn’t go as far, and getting a raise to cover this inflation is like pulling hen’s teeth. In turn, this puts the American people at a crossroads that requires Government intervention. The proper and most efficient way is to release some of the strategic reserves to help drive oil prices down while activating the pipelines to get production to increase. This will help get ships into port, trucks on the road, and good on the shelves.

The other option is for America to turn to socialism. A failed concept that has never worked anywhere in the world. Dependence on the Government is the grand jewel dream for these liberal Democrats. However, America was founded on the principles of freedom and minimal government interference, and fair representation inside the Government. Well, this lame duck of a President doesn’t represent me, nor do most of the other politicians in office. They can keep their hands out of my wallet, and focus on making America return to her former glory. You know; their damn job.