Supreme Court Vote Makes Trump’s Day…They’re Done Playing Games

In a 7-2 victory vote, the Supreme Court has ruled to fast-track the removal of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. The only two to vote against the measure were Justices, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.

Illegal immigrants, just because they happen to be standing on American soil, no longer have the right to challenge their ordered deportations in the Federal court system. They are not American citizens and therefore are not entitled to rights in the U.S. They must follow proper guidelines prior to their arrival or suffer the impending consequences.

The ruling came about as the result of Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam, a farmer from Sri Lanka, seeking asylum after sneaking over the southern border through Mexico. Thuraissigiader is a member of the Tamil ethnic minority group who he claims are being persecuted in his native land.

He claims to have been severely beaten after a group of men blindfolded and abducted him as he was working in his fields. The beating sent him to the hospital for 11 days, or so he said.

The asylum officer who interviewed Thuraissigiam at first believed him. But as the interview proceeded he could not identify any of his assailants, nor could he provide any substantiated reason for the personal attack or provide medical records to prove his claim. It was all word of mouth, and the details kept changing.

Thuraissigiam applied for a writ of Habeas Corpus but a Federal judge denied it. His only reasoning was in saying that what happened to him is a frequent occurrence for members of his ethnic tribe, yet once again, he could not provide any evidence of this.

It should be noted how it is not the responsibility of asylum officers to research what they are being told or led to believe. This responsibility lies solely with the immigrant. As it should.

A three-judge panel from the United States Court of Appeals in San Francisco’s make-believe fairytale world tried to challenge the Supreme Court by saying their ruling was unconstitutional. Their liberalist appeal was immediately shot down.

Thuraissigiam’s lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union, Lee Gelert, had already told him how rare it was for an appeal of this type to be accepted. Out of 9,000 deportations only 30 of them even bothered to submit an appeal, and of those, very few were accepted.

The Supreme Court’s ruling gave President Trump the huge victory he was seeking. All the appeals do is clog up the court while the illegal immigrants are awaiting the inevitable anyway. This is how they buy time while continuing to sponge off our government at the taxpayer’s expense.

Donald Trump vowed to put an end to this abuse, and putting an end to it is exactly what he just did. Yet another promise fulfilled with more to follow.

A U.S. Government attorney, Edwin S, Kneedler, was concerned the Supreme Court might deliver another devastating blow to Trump. Had this happened he said the Federal courts would have been flooded with writs of Habeas Corpus which could have tied up the appellate process for years. Meanwhile, the illegals could remain in the U.S. awaiting trials while they continued to abuse a system meant for actual “real-deal” American citizens in need.

There comes a time when the cesspool drain plug needs to be pulled, and as of now, illegal immigrants with no right to live in America are swirling down the drain. This is much to the dislike of the liberal left who would just as soon let everybody from everywhere take advantage of the liberties that we, as Americans, have rightly earned. The obvious question is, who cares?