Sure, Let’s Mandate a Passport While Allowing Migrants to Go Untested

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Renew your passport now

How is it that the Democrats don’t even see the hypocrisy of what they’re doing?

More and more Republican politicians are becoming outspoken on the ridiculousness of the vaccine passport. Why are we going to require vaccine passports when we’re allowing migrants to continuously enter the United States without being tested for COVID-19?

Every piece of legislation that is passed has to, at the very least, make common sense.

If the vaccine passport were for the purpose of reducing the spread of COVID-19, fine. However, that means that everything being passed has to serve this purpose.

You can’t do one thing to increase COVID and another thing to decrease it. At that point, the only thing the liberals will have managed to do is keep things the same.

Representative Greg Steube of Florida has heavily criticized the idea of a vaccine passport. As he shared on “Evening Edit” on Fox News, we’ll force U.S. citizens to prove that they’ve been vaccinated before they can travel, yet we’ll allow illegal immigrants to cross the border without even being tested for COVID.

When it’s said like that, it’s hard for anyone to argue. After all, why are we allowing illegal immigrants more freedom than U.S. Citizens?

Steube has called on governors across the country to stand up against the actions that leftist politicians on Capitol Hill want to make. There should be no reason to mandate that individuals get vaccinated just so that they can travel within the country.

He points to the border as yet another reason why there’s still a pandemic. He explains how there are 500 kids a day that are coming across the border – 10% that have COVID. Many others, including adults, aren’t even being tested. They’re being released all across the country since there isn’t enough room at the detention centers to hold them.

Illegal immigrants don’t even have to be tested before they’re allowed to travel freely across the U.S. It makes no sense to force our own citizens to be vaccinated before having the same freedoms.

For months, our numbers have been going down. It took 12 months, but we were finally able to flatten the curve.

All it took was for Joe Biden to step into the White House to see all of that change. He changed the rules at the border, allowing migrants to come by the tens of thousands from Mexico and Central American countries.

With so many new people entering the country, the numbers are going back up.

Why is that?

We’re getting vaccinated. We’re socially distancing. We’re still wearing masks.

The Biden administration wants to point the finger at the Republican states that have started to open their economies and drop their mask mandates. Yet, that’s not actually the reason. States like Texas and Arizona don’t stand a chance. They’re getting thousands of migrants released into their populations every week because Biden doesn’t know how to deal with the border crisis.

COVID cases and deaths are up in many of the states where migrants are landing.

Yet, Dr. Fauci still demands that we wear two masks. He still demands that we sign up to get vaccinated.

Why? Why should we do any of that?

The liberals haven’t figured out that they’re treating the illegal immigrants better than the taxpaying citizens that vote for them every year.

And, then, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have the audacity to complain that it’s not the liberals who are responsible for the House losing seats to the GOP. Oh, yes, they are. And it’s situations like this that will cause them to lose even more seats in 2022.

Vaccine passports, if they actually become mandated, will be one of the most fought against things. The Democrats believe it’s a way to get more people to get vaccinated. Really, though, it’s a way to see a revolution. No one wants to see hypocrisy before their very eyes. Start testing the migrants. Require they get vaccinated. Then, let’s talk.