Susan Sarandon Taking the Role of Out of Touch, Ignorant, Liberal, C-List Celebrity to Oscar Worthy Levels


When fallen officers are laid to rest like we saw this past Tuesday you often see a sea of blue lining the streets. It’s even more prevalent when they died in the line of duty. For some, they choose to stop and mourn with them, even if only for a moment. Others go on about their day as it doesn’t concern them.

Yet for the liberals, it becomes an open season to find reasons to talk out the side of their mouths about the police. For C-list celebrities like Susan Sarandon, it represents a chance to get back out there and get people talking about them again. They absolutely love to piggyback on the attention of others, especially when it’s a time of sorrow and emotions.

In a now-deleted re-tweeting an image of the procession from podcaster Danny Haiphong, it included the text “I’m gonna tell my kids this is what fascism looks like.” And her own line “So if all these cops weren’t needed for CRIME this day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t needed ANY day?” Another hashtag of #abolishthepolice was included as well, but the identity of the person who added that was ambiguous at best.

Those living in glass houses and ivory towers should not throw stones. For Sarandon, it’s easy to judge the police. She has amassed the level of wealth and type of home where the necessity for law enforcement over private security is not a need. She does not contemplate the idea of allowing officers to grieve or that a majority of those in attendance were there using their vacation or attending on their off time. Many there were also officers of other precincts and cities.

Sarandon’s views may also be jaded by her arrest back in 2018 at a march for illegal immigrants. While she was one of about 600 arrested that day, it barely made it into articles from that protest. If this tweet was revenge for that, she certainly got all the attention she wanted and more now. Her inability to think about her words has unleashed a reaction stronger than any of her on-screen roles ever caused.

With nearly global coverage of her message, she now finds herself in a position of either ignoring the backlash even though she deleted the tweet, doubling down on the rhetoric, or apologizing for being insensitive. She has chosen to apologize, and boy did she do a horrific job of it.

Early Friday afternoon she tweeted the text “I deeply regret the mem I recently shared on Twitter that included a photo of Officer Jason Rivera’s funeral. I reacted quickly to the picture without connecting it to a police funeral and I realize now how insensitive and deeply disrespectful it was to make that point at that time, I sincerely apologize to the family of Officer Rivera and Mora for causing additional pain during their time of grieving.”

That’s not even a real apology. It’s a bald-faced lie. She knew exactly what she was tweeting about. The image she shared, and its caption made that crystal clear. Nobody thinks thousands of officers are gathered in their dress uniforms for fun or their daily shift. This horrific incident won’t be quickly behind her either. While hundreds of her supporters flocked to the comments to tell her not to apologize, and that she was right, they are the clueless liberals who only believe what their specially filtered news tells them. They have no ability to comprehend another viewpoint or facts that prove them wrong. Sadly they’ll stay behind her instead of trying to learn why she was wrong. Hopefully, they can get off their soapboxes for equality long enough to hand her the Obama for her role here.