Texas Proves Biden Wrong with Zero Death COVID Day

Remember when President Biden called Governor Abbott of Texas a Neanderthal? Well, it looks as though Texas has the last laugh by reporting a day of zero COVID deaths.

Gee, if we were to listen to Biden and the rest of the liberal administration, COVID is scary and we have to mask up. Yet, the largest state in the continental United States managed to get through a full day without anyone dying of the disease.

Greg Abbott posted on Twitter to say that there were zero COVID-related deaths since the data was tracked in March 2020. Further, it’s a day with the fewest COVID cases in the past 13 months and the lowest COVID hospitalizations in 11 months.

How did the Texans manage to do such a thing?

Well, it seems that Republicans are more likely to give Americans the benefit of the doubt. They’re told the rules and allowed to make decisions for themselves. Americans, regardless of being vaccinated, can decide for themselves whether they want to open their stores and restaurants back up. They can decide for themselves whether they want to wear a mask or not.

Wow, Americans in Texas get a choice? Imagine that…

What we’re seeing in too many liberal-run states where they want to dictate everyone’s every move is resistance. People aren’t wearing masks and they’re not socially distancing themselves because it’s a form of rebellion. People are choosing to go mask-less as a way to give their liberal, controlling governors the middle finger.

The problem with such rebellion is that it leads to high COVID numbers – in the form of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Texas has proven that when you give people the choice, people choose to do what’s best for them. And, it eliminates the need for people to rebel. If anything, those who don’t agree with the governor will continue to wear masks – though such a decision isn’t going to put anyone at risk.

When Abbott announced that they were ending the statewide mask mandate and that businesses of all types can open at 100 percent capacity, the Biden administration was appalled. And it left Biden saying, “The last thing, the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime, everything’s fine, take off your mask, forget it.”

Hmmm. Now, it appears that all states need to adopt this Neanderthal way of thinking. Coronavirus cases began falling within weeks of the Texas governor lifting the mask mandate. The state is continuing to lead by administering over 20 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Further, over 50% of eligible Texans have been vaccinated.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you treat people like the free Americans they are. Just allow people to enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the pandemic solves itself.

Is Biden offering any kind of congratulations to Governor Abbott? Let’s not be ridiculous.

The Biden administration has proven that it’s looking for compliance. They want people to wear masks when told. They want people to vaccinate when told. And the only thing that Texas has proven is that they’re a state of freethinkers.

If freethinkers are Neanderthals, then America needs to be here for it. We should all be throwing our masks in the wind if we want to because we have the ability to choose for ourselves. Maybe we’ll take them off, maybe we won’t.

Everyone wanted to gasp and clutch their pearls when Texas lifted the mask mandate. No one pulled off a Texan’s mask if they still wore one. And, plenty of stores still kept the mask requirements in place. But, this is what the liberals still don’t understand: They were given a CHOICE.

It turns out that Americans are smarter than the liberal government wants to give us credit for. Texas proved that with choice comes intelligence. Texans chose to be smart about the pandemic and they have been rewarded with some amazing (and highly encouraging) statistics.