Texas Refuses to Back Down, Fights for Freedom and Honesty

The battle for the integrity of the election and to keep Joe Biden from stealing the White House has taken a wide range of turns throughout the past few weeks.

And the entire time, the media and their slave owners from the Democratic Party try to downplay the seriousness of it all by hiding the truth and failing to report the news about the issues that have been found. They are reluctant to trust people to make up their own minds about the truth of the matter.

The fact that the liberals continue to want to rush to the end and their desire not to get to the bottom of the truth only raises suspicion regarding the truth. They know they committed a lot of crimes, and now they want to hide the truth so they do not end up in prison.

The level of corruption is so immense that even liberal judges are dismissing one case after another without even looking at the evidence before striking the matter dead. But that is all starting to change as other states are getting involved because they see the truth.

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is getting involved because he clearly sees that the liberals targeted Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin as the grounds for cheating. He has filed a lawsuit against those four states because they knowingly violated their own laws by changing election laws unconstitutionally.

The release over the lawsuit mentions that “The four states exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws and unlawfully enacting last-minute changes, thus skewing the results of the 2020 General Election.

The battleground states flooded their people with unlawful ballot applications and ballots while ignoring statutory requirements as to how they were received, evaluated, and counted.”

The perpetrators behind the changes realized that the pandemic threat could be the smokescreen that would allow them to get away with illegal law changes. They realized that no one would even notice until it was too late.

Texas’s state makes the point that the election was not as secure as it should have been because of those changes. They went on to mention that “Those changes are inconsistent with relevant state laws and were made by non-legislative entities, without any consent by the state legislatures. The acts of these officials thus directly violated the Constitution.”

The attack on freedom and fairness by the Democrats destroyed the other 46 states where elections took place without a problem. The liberals just could not stand to see the blue wave never show up. Instead, a red wave took over, and they had to cheat in order to keep from losing all the power they had.

Ken Paxton mentioned that “Trust in the integrity of our election processes is sacrosanct and binds our citizenry and the States in this Union together. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin destroyed that Trust and compromised the security and integrity of the 2020 election.”

His words of wisdom were precisely what the president has been pointing out for the past several weeks. Each one of these states deliberately changed the rules illegally. They knew that they had to change those rules before they could flood the states with the fraud that they had hidden under the tables in the counting rooms.

Paxton pointed out that the four states deliberately violated the Constitution by “By ignoring both state and federal law, these states have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens’ vote but of Texas and every other state that held lawful elections. Their failure to abide by the rule of law casts a dark shadow of doubt over the outcome of the entire election. We now ask that the Supreme Court step in to correct this egregious error.”

The gross error on their part was for the sole purpose of keeping President Trump out of office. The Democrats planned ahead on the path they would take and which states they would focus on. These leaders will have to pay for their freedoms once they are caught and tried in a court of law.