Texas State Rep Quits the Dems and Switches to GOP

By danielo/shutterstock.com
By danielo/shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard by now, 2022 is shaping up to be a really bad year for the Democratic Party. With slim Democratic majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives, it won’t take much for the GOP to take back control. In the Senate, only one seat is needed for a flip from blue to red. And in the House, a mere 12 or so.

And in a year after an election that changes the party of the White House, it’s typical to see losses in the ruling party.

But it’s made even worse in this election cycle because of the deep trust issues the American people currently have with the White House and liberal elites in Congress. As we’ve recently seen in places like the once blue Virginia and New Jersey, voters seem to want their leaders to lean to the right.

And so, in South Texas, one former Democrat is doing just that.

Meet Texas state Representative Ryan Guillen, a lifelong Democrat. Rather than trying to turn the red tide that’s clearly stretching across America, he’s decided to join it.

According to the Star Tribune, Guillen has left the Democratic Party and officially joined that of the GOP.

Now, to be clear, as Mark Jones of Rice University says, Guillen was never very liberal, to begin with. In fact, he’s long been considered the most conservative of his caucus. It should also be noted that Guillen’s district, thanks to the 2020 Census, is being redrawn to be much more right-leaning.

But don’t think it’s merely so he can keep his seat in leadership and Congress.

Instead, he says it’s because he can no longer abide by where the party is going and what it is doing to the American people, particularly those who reside in his district along the southern border.

In a recent news conference, he said, “Friends, something is happening in South Texas, and many of us are waking up to the fact that the values of those in Washington, D.C., are not our values, not the values of most Texans.”

Guillen gave a few examples, including defunding the police, the disastrous border crisis, and the ongoing war on the oil and gas industry that Texas is so reliant on. Unfortunately, all of those agenda issues are currently hurting the people of his district and ones he cannot abide by. And so, he simply changed sides to fight for the rights of those he was elected to serve.

Oh, that every congressional member had the insight to know when their loyalties were wrong and the courage to do what is needed to be the true voice of the people.

As I mentioned above, the nation as a whole seems to be noticing the same thing Guillen has, that Washington no longer has our interests at heart. And since the Democratic left is currently running Washington, it should be no surprise that people everywhere are not so fond of liberal leadership and therefore moving in favor of the right.

In fact, according to one poll, recently taken by ABC News and The Washington Post, American voters prefer conservative representatives and government heads by a total of at least ten percentage points to Democrat ones.

Biden might have been voted into office for his supposed moderacy and promises to rebuild and unite America. But by now, it’s become clear to most voters that moderacy is not what’s ruling us.

Instead, radical socialistic tendencies have turned the southern border where those like Guillen are from into a dangerous wasteland. It’s brought 30-year inflation highs to consumers with no sign of letting up. And it’s disgraced both our military and our law enforcement as a whole.

As Republican Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott tweeted, “Welcome to the party of freedom, opportunity & prosperity… As Dems move further left, they’re abandoning the people of South Texas & their values. Rep. Guillen’s decision to switch parties is indicative of a shifting landscape in South Texas.”