The ‘Build Back Better Plan’ is Destroyed with Biden’s Own Words


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are the kind of Democrats we love; in name only. These two have their eyes wide open, and they are ready to keep America safe from the Build Back Better (BBB) bill and the nonsense it contains. No matter what kind of flavoring Biden tries to add to the BBB combo, it just doesn’t go down easy.

Then again programs that are easy for the people to become ‘comfortable’ with making them harder to revoke when their times are up. That means the people quit trying to achieve on their own and instead rely on this handout, and the Government fearing a loss in voters in turn stops the program from being taken away by voting to expand them or continue them.

Given the $5 Trillion cost, if these programs ran for less than 10 years, it would add in $3 Trillion to the national debt. Thus negating any ‘paid for’ comments the Biden administration is relying on to get the people behind this dumb idea. When asked about these extensions Biden has said “Here is what those critics are not telling you. They’re not telling you that I’ve committed to paying for every single program that extended, if any are, in future legislation, whether that’s for a day or a decade.”

So how are these ‘critics’ hurting you by leaving out you committing the people for paying for programs you quite possibly won’t be alive to see? If anything they are helping to save any legacy you may still have by not allowing this to destroy the American way of life and further destroy this economy.

What Biden fails to realize is how much the American people have to yet recover from the fiasco in Afghanistan and Iraq. 20 years of war has destroyed our economy. The country is so broke we shouldn’t even be able to spend our cash. Yet, here we are talking about making for more programs that just kick the can down the road.

Looking at these programs in the BBB they do one thing; they add a lot of jobs. Jobs that the American taxpayer will be funding. Jobs that won’t require much of any effort from the people who will fill them, and they are already promised to the nephew of some Congressional staffer after this passes. That means no real benefits for the American citizen. Just more heartbreak and taxes. It’s simply shameful that this is what he wants to do to us.

The truly funny part about all this is how cocky White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is about the topic. Her claims that the BBB will handle the “$2T tax cuts that Republicans didn’t pay for….You’re welcome, for that.” Yet nothing supports any of that theory.

Let’s also not forget how Biden loved to claim the CBO was the ‘gold standard’ when they would go after Trump’s plans, so they should still be just fine now. However as is the standard, if they work against you they are not worth supporting. That seems to be the Biden mantra and the mantra of Democrats everywhere. They just want to complain when things aren’t working for them, and ultimately we are all worse off for their ignorance of how useful CBO is.