The Country Is Demanding the Joe Biden Be Given a Straight Jacket for His Birthday

Joe Biden loves to play hide and seek with the media and the citizens of the country. Every time he looks out his window, he quickly dives under his desk because he thinks someone is coming to take his temperature. But the truth is that he has made such a massive mess of everything, and he does not want to admit that he is terrible at being a president.

His reluctance to admit his failures leads people to believe that he simply forgets that he made some serious bad judgment calls. And that begs the issue of Joe Biden’s medical status. So far, there has not been a medical exam done on the man. Or one that has been done and released to the public. The people want to know that their president is healthy and firing on all mental cylinders.

The fact that the liberals are hiding his medical records only proves that he is having issues, and they do not want the world to know that he is not fit to be president. His health is a good indicator of why he has not been put in front of a camera to do a press conference yet. They are looking for a way to hide his foolishness without damaging their image.

When Biden was finally allowed to address the nation, it became painfully clear that he is not healthy physically or mentally. The sad little man had to read off of cards with pictures. It really was back to grade school for Biden. The only thing missing from the platform was his coloring book and crayons.

Biden shows that he cannot think on one issue for more than a minute before losing his train of thought. The country is waiting to see any results or explanations why he has not been sent to the doctor’s office in almost two years.

When Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office, the Democrats demanded that they be allowed to see his physical exams. They scoured over every detail, hoping to find some reason as to why he should not be allowed to be the president. But Trump was in such good health that they could not find one thing wrong with him.

It was reported that Biden brought in his own doctor to replace the White House physician. Dr. Keven O’Conner has the daunting task of chasing the old man around the White House when trying to take his temperature.

The report also noted that “O’Connor has served as Biden’s primary care physician since 2009 when he was appointed physician to the vice president and was chosen by Biden for the new role due to their long history, and personal relationship.”

The man “served 22 years in the Army, including tours of duty with the 82nd Airborne Division, 75th Ranger Regiment, and United States Army Special Operations Command, and over a decade at the White House– an eight-year extension at Biden’s request to what was supposed to be a three-year gig.”

There is something special between these two men. Biden found a man that would be willing to do as he is told and not share health information with a body of leaders that have a right to know how the president is fairing. Even the mass media noted that it was unusual to see a doctor serving for that length of time.

In 2019, Biden had his last medical exam. It was discovered that “Biden was under treatment for four different conditions, including non-valvular atrial fibrillation (A-fib)–a type of irregular heart rhythm, hyperlipidemia– higher concentrations of fats or lipids in the blood, gastroesophageal reflux, and seasonal allergies. The most notable health incident in Biden’s past, according to O’Connor’s report, were the two cranial aneurysms that he suffered in 1988. No additional report on Biden’s health was released during the campaign.”

And yet, with all of his health issues, his doctor declared him fit for the presidency. Somewhere along the line, the doctor passed off fictitious information about Biden’s health. Biden was once asked if he would ever take a cognitive exam, and all Biden could say was, “Come on, man! Why the hell would I take a test?”