The End of an Era! Conservative Talk Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh Dies at Age 70 and the Left Disgustingly Rejoices

In late December, Limbaugh delivered his final sign off. It was a very touching sendoff for all of his longtime fans. He’s also been a good friend to those who are experiencing unnecessary censorship. Our pals over at the Gateway Pundit found themselves in hot water in 2019. Rush was one of the few who was willing to stand up for them and do what was right.

Bo Snerdley was his producer for a very long time and he offered up his condolences as well. This is tragic news but don’t tell that to the radical left. In their opinion, Limbaugh’s death was cause for celebration. If you spent any time on social media yesterday, you probably saw all of the “empathetic” leftists throwing a virtual ticker tape parade.

These are the same people who accuse the right wing of being uncaring and unfeeling. They show what they really think any time that a far right figure passes away. As long as they can paint that person as a bigot, they do not care what anyone else thinks. Twitter was an absolute landfill yesterday, as they all jockeyed to see who could make the “funniest” remark about it.

Let’s see what they would do if the right wing started behaving in the exact same way. Could you imagine the level of outrage if a beloved figure of the left died and the right wing decided to turn it into comedy hour? The first meme that was sent, there would be a cease and desist order from Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg.

Neither of them seemed to mind having their platforms turned into this type of buffoonery but let’s be honest here. No one expected anything better from any of the usual suspects. They are all about silencing the right but the left can essentially say anything they like. If they are pressed on it? They hide behind the ‘racism’ or ‘sexism’ or what -ism tickles their fancy that day.

They can’t tell you how any of that justifies their own remarks, though. The logic is impeccable. “We believe that this person was a racist. Therefore, we get to spend the whole day laughing it up over the concept of them going to Hell.” It makes no sense on its face and even less sense when you try to square it with the rest of their philosophies.

Why, it’s almost like there is no philosophy at all that goes much deeper than “let’s stick to the right wing any chance we get”. In fact, we might respect them more if they simply said this. The thing that they do where they pretend that the behavior is totally okay because they are sticking up for some imaginary offended party is more annoying.

We are not going to sit here and issue an impassioned Rush Limbaugh defense right now. Let’s be frank here. They aren’t going to read it and the people who will read it don’t need to be convinced. It’s just fun to point out the blatant hypocrisy that they participate in every single time someone they do not like passes away.

Fortunately, those of us who have more sense would never behave like that. We can take the high road without having to send out a news bulletin. They may claim that they go high when others go low but their behavior does not align with their cute little catchphrases. Rush Limbaugh is just the latest example of their nonsense and we are about tired of watching it take place over and over again.