The Great Race Has Started as Harris Makes Desperate Move to Beat Trump to the Border

Donald Trump has had enough of the liberal lies and the pointless speeches that the Democrats make in front of the American people. No one can trust a word that they speak because there are no facts or proof to back up their claims. Their actions tell a story of how self-centered they are as a political party. And the damage they leave in their wake is the lives of the people they use and abuse.

The southern border is the perfect picture of how they treat people and react instead of act. Kamala Harris had no interest in traveling to the border and seeing firsthand the mess her boss and her laziness created.

Donald Trump had announced that he was headed south, and it was then that Harris jumped up and made the same announcement. She could not stand to watch her sworn enemy in life best her by doing something he is not even required to do. But Harris must go because it is her job as tasked by her demented boss Joe Biden.

Trump still has a lot of power over the liberal left. All he has to do is make a move that they do not like, and they are quick to follow. Harris should never have waited so long to do her job. Her actions are those of a selfish person that only cares about herself.

But now that Donald Trump has motivated her to get out of the office, no one cares to listen to what she has to crow about. They are more concerned with what Trump has to say and what needs to be done.

Harris decided to go to an area that is not a hot spot for illegal activity. She is going to the El Paso area and playing it safe. She cannot stand to put herself in harm’s way. The Rio Grande Valley is the area she should have visited since it is the worst area of the border.

Biden’s lack of concern for the border has led members of the Democratic Party to start calling for him to pay attention. Henry Cuellar is one of those Democrats. He has been bugging the old president to come and listen to the people. He wanted him to come and see the Rio Grande Valley area firsthand. But Biden does not care.

Law enforcement officers are severely outnumbered. Cueller bashed Harris for her trip-making skills. Her trip is nothing more than a political show and a chance for her to get people off her back. She picked the safest area to visit. All she cares about is herself and making her life easier.

The people that live near the border are in extreme danger from the illegals flowing through their communities. If she were concerned about the people living there, she would have gone to the hardest-hit area. She would have already spoken with Governor Greg Abbott and worked out the details of what needs to happen to shut down the flow of people.

Greg Abbott is ticked about the lack of federal help and concern for the border. The progressive liberals wanted open borders, and that is precisely what they got. And the only way they can keep the border open is to ignore the crisis for as long as they can.

Harris had once lied that “I almost believe that if you want to fix a problem, you have to go where the problem exists. If you want to address the needs of a people, you must meet those people. You must spend time with those people. Because the only way to fix the problem is to understand the problem.”

So, she headed to Guatemala to see their problems. But she continues to ignore the terrors that the southern people living in America are facing. By her admission, she has proved that she does not care because she will not visit with the people.

Kamala Harris will never head to the Rio Grande Valley because she does not want the country to see how bad the problem has grown. She will get her 60 seconds of fame on television, which is just long enough to make it seem like she is doing her job. But in the end, it will be people such as Trump, Abbott, and DeSantis that will solve the problems.