The Second Largest Dam in the United States is Being Removed!

There are great areas of the United States that are hotly contested because of the resources that the region provides or lacks. In the western part of the country, water is badly needed. The region does not get a lot of rain which makes water a precious resource.

Several states fight over the water but come to an understanding in the end. But now it seems that the second-largest dam in the country is under attack by people that want to try to save the salmon that populate the Klamath River.

The river is used by many people such as farmers and people who have settled in homes along its banks. The reservoir that stands because of the river has become a beautiful area that people have built expensive homes around.

Now they are being threatened by the salmon people to lose that attraction. The Klamath River is used by a lot of people in different states for various purposes. The fight to dismantle the river is just getting started.

Each group all have different interests. The farmers love the irrigation of the water while the conservationists will love the idea of saving the salmon. The dismantlement of the dam will be the largest project of its type that has ever taken place in the history of the country.

Amy Cordalis is a Yurok tribal lawyer that wants to see the dam removed. She has stated that “We are saving salmon country, and we’re doing it through reclaiming the West. We are bringing the salmon home.” She represents the salmon lovers. Those that want to save the salmon represent more than just the native tribe. It includes the wacky environmentalists and the fishermen.

There is no proof that the salmon population would ever make a comeback. They have grown accustomed to the dam being place. Removing it for $450 million may just be the final blow to finish the salmon off for good.

There has been a push for decades to remove many such structures from the western half of the country. The structures have aged to the point that it is better to remove than it is to fix.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is supposed to vote to hand over the project to a non-profit soon. The opposition to the project is vowing to fight with the crazy environmentalists to keep it from happening.

There is a lot more that will be lost if the dam is removed than just a few fish. An entire ecosystem that has developed upstream would be lost. Not to forget that the homes that have lost so much value will become worthless. It is estimated that they have already lost half of their value because of the idea.

Many of the people that do not want the project to take place involves generational farmers. These people have been in the area since the 1850s. They have been irrigating and growing food in the region for years.

The dam was built for power generation. But many farmers have had to adapt their irrigation techniques to cope with the dam. A sudden removal would force them to adjust once again.

The entire basis for the removal of the dam centers around the fish and money. There are no passages for them to pass over the dam. This would be a better option rather than destroying a structure that has stood for years and has developed a way of life around it. The removal of the dam would also be an economic move for PacifiCorp. They are the ones that currently holds the license to the dam.

They have found that better technology has made such a power source obsolete. To maintain such a holding is bad business in their minds. They say that to update the dam would cost $400 million so it is better to take it down. But the cost to remove is $450 million.

From a financial standpoint, it makes better sense to update the structure. One thing is certain and that is the wacky fish lovers are trying to get their way. These are the environmentalists that fight every project that would remove a tree or develop a new lake. They are like the Democrats that stand in the way of progress and making lives better for people in the area.