The Surveillance State Comes to America With Flint, Michigan, ‘Smart Helmets’

Do you think the Founders could envision an American future where we willingly allow our refrigerators to spy on us?

My guess is no.

Just wait until the lamp gets in on it, too. If it’s not already.

Whether it is considered casual espionage or in serious breach of the U.S. Constitution, the modern world has become a surveillance state. Newborns today are born into it. Older generations had the choice to opt-in. Now you can’t opt-out.

There are cameras on the streets. Cameras on your phone. Cameras on your laptop. Cameras in stores. Cameras on your car. Cameras on the bus, train, planes. Satellites in the sky. Watching you. GPS tracking you wherever you go. You’re connected–too connected.

As if the surveillance state hadn’t burrowed enough into our lives and we didn’t have enough cameras already.

‘Smart Helmets’ are getting their U.S. test flight at Flint, Michigan’s Bishop Airport. The helmets, worn by airport security personnel, will be scanning temperatures and “recognizing faces.”

The proverbial iris scan of sci-fi movies and the many other original surveillance tech advances in our lifetime have rapidly created a weaponized government and bureaucratic apparatus that watches records and now wants to take full control over our lives.

The Bishop Airport authorities are openly admitting that the helmet technology will be “recognizing faces” – which begs the question of what “recognizing faces” means.

Bishop Airport states that Smart Helmets can read people’s temperatures using thermal imaging and identify wanted criminals through facial recognition technology. And track the rest of us, too, while they’re at it.

Bishop Airport authorities and KeyBiz, an Italian manufacturer, announced the deal to supply the airport’s security personnel with the Smart Helmets it was under the pretense that the new equipment will “initially” be used to record temperatures to identify anyone with a fever and therefore anyone potentially infected with and carrying COVID-19.

Flatten the spread. And civil liberties.

Each helmet costs $10,000. If you think that’s expensive consider the commonly unrecognized fact that someone thought you were important enough to spend $10,000 on. You now have a fancier kit than CCTV cameras recording you in the routine of your life’s drama. Because you’re that important. The surveillance stage upgrades.

Along with “scanning for COVID-19,” the Smart Helmets will also “scan” all persons at the airport and match photos of persons with wanted criminals, suspects, and missing persons.

The reach of surveillance technology expands under the cover of its promises to give us more policing power. Once the surveillance state burrows into a target, it spreads and firmly entrenches itself, promoting itself as indispensable to our lives.

Three cheers for “safety” and “security.” To be free we must be less free.

In fifty years, buying a non-wifi-enabled blender will be a federal crime.

“This device is a game-changer,” Airport Director Nino Sapone said in a statement issued by the Bishop Airport. “It has the ability to perform several functions, including detecting the temperature of multiple people at a distance of up to 21 feet with precision accuracy.”

I wouldn’t say it’s a game-changer, but it’s certainly the next evolution in the invasion of civil rights and personal privacy. Note that the airport also mentions the Smart Helmet’s ability to “perform several functions,” though they are not keen to elaborate on some of the more dystopian features of the helmets, such as recording and uploading your face into a trackable registry.

Don’t worry, it’s in the cloud.

“The helmet is the first mobile platform of its kind, allowing our police officers the flexibility to walk the terminal building and randomly screen both incoming and outgoing passengers,” continued Bishop Airport Director Sapone. “We couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with KeyBiz to spearhead the incorporation of this advanced technology in the United States.”

The airport states that if a Smart Helmet detects a person with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the officer wearing the device will bring the passenger to their airline ticket counter and advise the airline of the high temperature and they can be denied boarding.

Meanwhile, the surveillance state onboards via Smart Helmets to further invade, track, and control our lives.