The Truth Is out…They Are Coming for Your Guns…Just Not the Way You Think…Extra…Read All About It

Guns. Now that we have your undivided attention, it may be time for concern. After an incredibly violent week of mass shootings, mostly unprovoked, the Supreme Court is stepping in to do something about it. They’re taking a look at some new gun restriction laws to help curb the violence, but it could be just the first step in a slew of even more restrictive measures to follow.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is the guy behind all of this. The Justice Department is concerned with the stabilizing braces used to turn ordinary handguns into blazing short-barrelled rifles. According to Garland, these weapons can “cause great damage and are more likely to be used to commit crimes.”

These were the exact type of weapons used for the recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and Boulder, Colorado, but because they’re made in garages, it’s been impossible to restrict their sale. So the next best thing is to restrict the sale of the item that makes it possible for people to build them.

The Justice Department claims, “These requirements are important public safety measures because they regulate the transfer of these dangerous weapons and help ensure they do not end up in wrong hands. The proposed rule would clarify when these attached accessories convert pistols into weapons covered by these heightened regulations.”

As of late, the Justice Department has been taking a stronger look at new gun control measures. They’re already working on reclassifying what can be considered a handgun versus what can’t. They’re also attempting to fill a gaping loophole concerning the production of unserialized “ghost guns.”

Law enforcement agents retrieved over 23,000 unserialized handguns from crime scenes between 2016 and 2020. Of those, 325 were linked to either murder or attempted murder cases.

A justice department official attempted to explain SCOTUS’s reasoning. “The way that we look at this is we understand that none of these things is a full answer to solve gun violence, but we are doing everything within our power to ensure that we are working to protect the American public, and these are just two additional steps that we can take.”

Just this past weekend, in two days, mind you, nine mass shootings were reported in the U.S. and they weren’t consolidated in any one particular region. The shootings took place in five different states. In Chicago alone, five people were killed and dozens more were injured.

While these new measures are understandable and will have little to no effect on legal gun owners, this isn’t the end of it. Not by a long shot. The Biden administration has created what they’ve deemed as model legislation, and it unequivocally throws a wrench in the spokes of legal gun owners.

The proposed legislation was presented to each state and it was at their discretion whether or not to enact it. Liberal states such as CA, OR, and WA, have already inhaled it. Conservative states, not so much.

The legislation allows any family member or intimate partner, any and all school officials, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and Indian chiefs, to keep someone from purchasing a gun. All they have to do is claim they were threatened by the person even if they weren’t. Boom shaka-laka. So it begins.

“Outside groups have collected studies that show that in states that have adopted these laws, there’s been, for example, a decrease in suicide and firearm-related suicides,” the Justice Department said. Well…okay. It’s not that we aren’t happy to hear this, but it has nothing to do with mass shootings or crime. Suicide is suicide and there’s a smorgasbord of available options.

As with everything the Biden administration does, a closer look is always in order, and SCOTUS isn’t doing much better these days. Democrats like to chuckle and say, “no one is coming for your precious guns,” when in fact, they are. But merit must be rewarded where it is achieved. These are deviously smart moves.

While SCOTUS diverts our attention with silly new legislation that has no impact on legal gun owners, Biden is silently attacking legal owners hard. Without having to use stormtroopers, his legislation allows everyday liberal citizens to take care of the matter themselves by saying they were either threatened or they “feel” threatened.

Think about that. Times up. Hide ’em if ya got ’em.