There’s Going To Be a Mr. AOC…Yikes

Ron Adar/

AOC loves to be in the spotlight, which is how we know that she vacationed to Florida…and brought her beau with her. It’s then that we realized that the man likes to wear sandals. Twitter users became obsessed with his gangly toes on full display for the world to see.

Of course, AOC didn’t want to admit that maybe her man should wear sneakers. So, she decided to turn it around and claim that people were obsessed with her.

And she didn’t stop there.

Apparently, any time Ted Cruz tweets her, he’s flirting with her.

There’s quite a bit of flirting going on from AOC. It’s as though she has an obsession with certain GOP politicians. She just doesn’t know how to stay away. Instead of complimenting them, she insults them. It’s the kindergarten style of flirting – pull on a few ponytails and run away.

The NY socialist is going to have to get her flirting in check. She’s an engaged woman now. So, who is going to be the future Mr. AOC? You guessed it – the guy with the ugly feet. But there’s a bit more to him than that.

Riley Roberts is a website builder and marketing professional who has proposed to the Democratic Socialist. The two of them met at Boston University many years ago but broke up after graduation. Roberts moved to Arizona for several years.

They rekindled things a few years ago, and he was her date to the 2021 Met Gala where she wore the infamous “Tax the Rich” dress.

For the most part, Roberts has been a silent partner beside AOC. However, it’s interesting to see how he has made an impact.

Roberts has helped with AOC’s election bids. He even received $6,000 from Brand New Congress, a PAC that was founded by Saikat Chakrabarti. If that name sounds familiar, Chakrabarti went on to become AOC’s chief of staff.

Meanwhile, AOC’s campaign was also paying the PAC for strategic consulting.

The NY Post explains that “Word of that ethical no-no followed a 2018 report that showed Roberts listed as a staffer on Congress’ internal directory – an anomaly Chakrabarti dismissed as a typical courtesy extended to spouses and partners of Congress members.”

So, Roberts has been involved with AOC for a while – and he’s helped to be a part of some of the ethical mistakes that she’s made. A match made in heaven? Probably.

Roberts seems to be just as liberal as she is. He was even spotted on her Instagram page once, talking about how he is “combatting racism as a white person.”

Greg Nash, a photographer for The Hill, was one of the first to spot the ring on AOC’s hand a few days ago. This is when they made it official. Roberts proposed to the representative at her family’s hometown in Puerto Rico. They have identified that they are looking to take some time to “savor” the engagement before they start planning the wedding.

Knowing AOC’s hypocrisy on wanting to be a celebrity while still saying that the rich need to be taxed, we can only expect that her wedding will be all glamor and glitz. She’ll need the attention. And she’ll likely make some kind of political statement during the wedding, too.

In the meantime, we should expect to see more of Roberts and less of AOC flirting with GOP politicians.

As for the future Mr. AOC…well, good luck.