This Is Crazy! Watch Ohio State University President’s Absurd Reaction to Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Indictment

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s Wednesday announcement about the lack of charges that are being brought against the officers who are responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death inspired a lot of rage. Riots and protests broke out almost immediately. Two of the officers are not being charged at all. The third officer has received a charge of “wanton endangerment”.

Once this announcement was made, Cameron also claimed that the officers had announced themselves sufficiently before entering. Of course, all of the well-known liberals had to make their feelings known about the case. While there is nothing to be done at this point and decisions have been made, that did not stop anybody from venturing their own take.

Ohio State University president Kristina Johnson, PhD, had one of the more inflammatory statements of the day. The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Buckeye Nation, Breonna Taylor deserves justice, and this does not feel like justice. We cannot accept what has happened in Louisville.  We grieve the tragic and senseless loss of Breonna Taylor – a daughter, a friend, a niece, a loved one who was unarmed and asleep.”

Was this woman on the jury? Does she have all of the facts of this case? We are going to go out on a huge limb and say no. Johnson is merely looking to earn some of the same woke brownie points that other institutions have been chasing after. They do not actually want anything to change. These schools are very much invested in the status quo.

Liberal students are led to believe that their universities truly care but why do they wait so long to offer these statements? It’s like they are merely checking off a box on their woke checklist. The Instagram and Twitter posturing only goes so far these days. These outbursts are not based on anything more than pure ignorance and a desire to keep collecting money from leftist student bodies.

The sooner they realize that these folks do not actually worry about the same things that they do, the better off they will be. Instead, they allow themselves to be manipulated by all of these fake and phony statements. We can’t believe that people like Johnson are given the chance to run major American universities. This is one of the many reasons why we are trapped in the current cycle that we are in.

One side takes the time to carefully measure the facts before speaking and one side flies off the handle as soon as their feelings are hurt. We are more than sure that you do not need this binary explained to you any further. After all, most of us are living it on an everyday basis. Everyone has been treated to pure insanity all summer, as the mainstream media goes out of their way to encourage it.

Johnson was not content to send out her letter and be done with it, either. She also posted a video on her Twitter account, with a caption that read “This isn’t going to stop until we create an anti-racist world”. Anyone who agrees with this rhetoric needs to have their head examined. This clip reminds us of all the other liberal diatribes that we have been treated to as of late. They are all starting to run together at this point.

If you have heard one, you have heard them all. They see you and they hear you. They are acknowledging their privilege. They do not wish to live in such a racist country anymore. All of it sounds great until you realize that no one was saying these things until they were receiving praise for it publicly. The liberals are getting easier and easier to pander to by the day.

We are sure that they are all quoting the Johnson clip with all sorts of emojis and encouragement as we speak. Perhaps one day, the liberals will stop being impressed by people who are all about doing the absolute bare minimum.