This Is the President America Needs! Trump Dances to YMCA in Viral Video

Against all odds, President Trump has returned to the campaign trail. He was not about to miss out on his chance to connect with the voters who have been missing his presence.

If anyone thought that his battle with COVID-19 would change the way that he handles his campaign, they were silenced for good last night.

Not only is Trump back out there but he is having more fun than ever. He held a huge rally in Sanford, Florida, and was clearly excited to be back out there. Now that he’s all better, he’s got a ton of energy. Nothing could contain his enthusiasm. When “YMCA” by the Village People played at the rally, Trump could not help but dance.

This is one of the most hilarious videos that we have ever seen. Trump is portrayed as an angry despot in most instances but this clip is closer to his actual personality.

This wasn’t the only Village People song that played during the rally, either. When the Trump campaign broke out “Macho Man”, the left was extremely triggered.

That’s what they get for paying attention to a rally that was bound to upset them anyway. CNN was one of the first networks to react. Anderson Cooper’s facial expression when he saw Trump dancing to “Macho Man” was priceless. This man was absolutely furious. We just want to know why he even paid attention to the rally.

CNN and the like were never going to be pleased by what took place. In their minds, Trump should have sat down and called the campaign over. That’s what they want because they believe that it will help Biden.

Sure, the polls are in Biden’s favor today but as we all remember, this is not as important as having the votes in your favor come November.

Trump knows that this is not over until the fat lady sings. The Village People aren’t the first group that we would expect to hear on a Trump playlist but it makes sense in retrospect.

He is a president who likes to show off his toughness. He was not about to let COVID-19 keep him off the campaign trail and we appreciate him for it. It’s nice to have a no-excuse type of guy in the White House.

Meanwhile, Biden has been using the pandemic as a shield ever since his campaign began in earnest. His early “lids” may impress the Democrat voters who are already in his corner regardless but they won’t do much to change the minds of anyone who is undecided. On the other hand, Trump is not willing to leave any stone unturned.

He could have easily packed it in until the election arrived and been content to let his voters head to the polls. Trump does not want to take that type of risk.

He would rather fire every bullet that he has at his disposal, so to speak. Will we ever get to see Joe Biden dance the night away like this? We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say no.

There are sure to be plenty of liberal tears to soak up today, that is for sure. They were certain that Trump would have to sit down and shut up for the remainder of his campaign.

That’s why so many of them are losing their minds now. All of their predictions are going up in smoke and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

As the election draws closer, we are sure to see more Trump rallies. He knows what his voters want and he’s not going to be hiding in the basement like his opponent.

There are plenty of folks out there who were ready to count him out as soon as the diagnosis came in but he’s proven himself to be up to the challenge. The campaign trail is getting interesting once again.