Tlaib Signals the Destruction of Israel

Israel is an ally of the United States. The country is supported by the Republicans and hated by the Democrats. Every time a liberal sits in the White House, the relationship between America and Israel suffers. President Trump greatly supported the Jewish state by publicly calling Jerusalem the capital and supporting Israeli expansion. These are the marks of a faithful ally.

But there are those haters such as Rashida Tlaib that would rather see Israel’s destruction by the Islamic nations around them. She supports Omar’s thoughts of destroying the people simply because they are Jewish.

Tlaib is charged with sending out a message that used a phrase that signifies her support for Israel’s destruction. The message that was sent out was the statement that got Marc Lamont Hill fired from CNN. stated that “Rashida Tlaib RT’s out the same message that got Marc Lamont Hill canned from CNN. From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free – code for eradicating the State of Israel and its millions of Jews. Reminder – this is a sitting U.S. Congresswoman.”

It was not enough the six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis. And countless others at the hands of other tyrants. But now, an American politician is calling for their extinction. The Democratic regime is trying to take America down a path of destruction. And they are loving every minute of the march.

The statement “From the River to the Sea” is a statement that is recognized as a destructive coded statement. The history of the wording has its roots deep in the history of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

An article put out by the Jewish Journal stated that “The first recorded use of the phrase … ‘free Palestine from the river to the sea’ was used by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) when it was formed in 1964.” A time when the Palestinians tried hard to eradicate the Jews.

The PLO wanted to destroy the Jews so that they could take their land. Their defining documents dictate that their purpose is to kill the Jews and take their land. Those plans have changed throughout the years to encompass all the territory Israel has as its own country.

It should not surprise anyone that the Islamic supporter Tlaib is using the statement. The charter that the statement comes from reads, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam obliterates it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

Throughout the years, the Democrats have silently supported the PLO and its leaders. They have tried to recognize it as an independent state worthy of recognition. But they are a murderous terrorist group looking for international recognition so they can continue their terror against Israel.

And now they have an ally in the House that is calling for Israel’s destruction. Tlaib stated that “Thinking of my city Muftieh and family in Palestine today. From Detroit to Gaza, we will always fight against oppression and inequality.”

She believes that Israel should be a Palestinian controlled area. And that there should be no Israel. In her office hangs a picture of a map with a note that points to the country labeling it as Palestine. She hates the Jews because of her acceptance of Islamic terrorism. She is a modern-day terrorist sitting in a seat of power.

She hates the Jews so much that she does not like the point that Joe Biden may even appoint a Jew to his make-believe cabinet. She stated her opposition, “So long as he doesn’t suppress my First Amendment right to speak out against Netanyahu’s racist and inhumane policies. The Palestinian people deserve equality and justice.”

The Democratic Party and its progressive core desperately want to destroy Israel. Their voices of opposition to their existence speak very loudly that given a chance to declare war on Israel, they would take that chance.

The liberals hate Christianity, the Republicans, and all others that support Israel. Their attacks on freedom continue, with the hopes someday of being able to cross a line of hatred towards Israel and witness firsthand the nation’s destruction. But first, they have to destroy the millions of supporters that love Israel living in America.