To Bail or No Bail: Kamala Harris Proves She’s Confused Over the Issue

Kamala Harris has seemed to sell out all of her values in order to get closer to Biden. She’s showing she’s hot to get into the VP seat, even if that means bailing out those who were arrested during the riots.

Harris has recently added her name to the list of Democratic sympathizers. She’s donated to the bail out fund for those in Minneapolis. Since Biden’s campaign has been donating money to the fund, she aligns herself a little closer. She’s definitely showing that she’s interested in the VP position.

The biggest problem is that she’s a sell-out. In typical Democratic fashion, she has ignored her morals in order to go after a bigger, better position.

First, how is it that she’s willing to attach her name to a program that is actually adding financial support to criminals? The people arrested weren’t peacefully protesting. They were rioting. They were burning buildings to the ground. They were breaking the law, which is why they were arrested. To pay the bail is to condone that kind of activity.

That’s not even the biggest problem with Kamala Harris, though.

Kamala Harris is a former state attorney general. She used to go after the bad guys for a living. She would have never chosen to bail them out.

She was actually one of the loudest proponents for bail reform. While she was a DA in San Francisco, she promoted higher bail fees. The idea behind it was to give criminals something to think about before they committed a crime. After all, if you cannot afford bail, you might not want to commit the crime.

Yet, here she is now, actually paying the bail for the criminals. And why? Because she wants to become Biden’s VP that bad? The same Biden that she slaughtered during the debates, calling him a racist. It’s boggling to figure out why she would want to attach her name to this bail issue, let alone attach her name to a Biden presidency.

But, Harris is a follower. She follows the gospel of the Democratic Party. When they tell her to do something, she does it. She’s a sheep. They’re all jumping onto the idea of bailing out the protesters, so she will do it blindly, despite her past as a district attorney.

What the Democrats are doing with bailing out the rioters is an emotional response. It hasn’t been thought out. How could it be? They’re paying to allow criminals back onto the streets. Meanwhile, the media is calling half of the rioters white supremacists. Exactly what are they trying to say about the Democrats paying the bail, then? This whole thing is a mess, and for someone who claims to be smart, Harris is doing the dumbest thing she could by donating to the fund.

She may want to consider what her political career is going to look like if she doesn’t end up getting picked as the VP running mate and he doesn’t get elected into the White House. Then, what? She will have to face her career as a district attorney once again, knowing that, at one point, she helped out the enemy. She was willing to pay the bail on one criminal – a type of criminal that was comfortable with destroying a U.S. city and burning a police precinct to the ground.

As someone who has spent a significant amount of her career reforming the justice system, it’s disappointing to see her stance. She used to look at the bail restrictions as a way to get rid of the criminal incentive. Now, she’s glorifying what the criminals are doing. She’s okay with the criminals getting an easy way out as long as they’ve committed a crime that she’s okay with.

Bail or no bail? Kamala Harris is willing to set her entire career on fire simply to align herself with Biden in the hopes of getting the title of VP. Hopefully, she can sleep with her decisions when she goes to bed every night.