Tom Cotton Has Had Enough of the Dems Trying to Take Down Trump by Lying to Their Sheeple About Voter Fraud

Democrats are odd creatures. Especially those working within the political sector, or perhaps better stated as those pretending to be doing something worthwhile or constructive.

Despite a deadly pandemic coupled with the haywire economy it couldn’t help but create, while our president and his staff are working diligently to resurrect America, the Dems are bored. They can’t find enough places to stick their nosy snot-dripping snouts. And this just won’t do.

Pelosi and her puppy Schumer have long since discovered how it is not within their IQ ranges to pull a fast one on Mitch. It isn’t a fair mental battle but at least it’s always highly entertaining in either a frightening or comical way, depending on point of view, but whether you chuckle or ignite, Peulant Pelosi and Slobbering Schumer are the best things the socialist Dems have to offer. A few newbies such as the ever-illustrious, arm-flailing, dooking-spitting, dancing queen, AOC, are making splashes within their party, but let’s save this ridiculousness for another time as we press ahead.

The Dems are not capable of effectively negating anything the combined wisdom within our Senate is achieving on behalf of the citizens they represent. With no real ammunition to ever backup their senseless and asinine recommendations and outlandish accusations, which is why they always miserably fail, Pelosi and pals have mastered the art of creating fiction. They’re Pied Pipers in a sense. They make things up for the benefit of keeping their sheeple in line by feeding them what they yearn for the most. Lies.

In their constant quest to undermine Donald Trump, the Dems in Congress have shockingly managed to somehow convince their snowflake base of their “Twilight Zone-ish” belief that voting by mail would somehow be smooth sailing, and that voter fraud does not in actuality exist. The Republicans are only guessing this will happen.

They have no proof. Duh…They have no proof because widespread vote-by-mail has never been allowed in the past. What they are using is something very simply referred to as common logic. But once again, the Dems, as with intelligence, are lacking in this area as well.

Republican Senate candidate, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, has had enough of the Dems devious un-American shenanigans and is publicly calling them out for it. He went straight to the pages of Twitter to express his utter disdain. Three cheers for Mr. Cotton.

Cotton began his Tweetstorm with this initial statement: “The question isn’t whether expanding voting by mail opens up opportunities for fraud—it does. The question is why are Democrats obsessed with eliminating all election safeguards?” This question absolutely deserves an answer.

Cotton then went on to prove beyond any doubt how his initial Tweet was not just hearsay, by listing the Dems outrageous demands. “In HEROES Act, along w/ billions for illegals, Dems require -No voter ID -No notary/witness requirements -Effectively no applications (voters get mail-in ballots for all future elections) -Effectively ban signature requirements -Mandatory ballot harvesting everywhere.” Sure thing. What could possibly go wrong? It’s a rhetorical question.

President Trump took notice of what was going on and decided to lend his voice to the subject. He took a little different direction as he went after Twitter, but his statement lent full credibility to exactly what Cotton was trying to express.

President Trump: “So ridiculous to see Twitter trying to make the case that Mail-In Ballots are not subject to FRAUD. How stupid, there are examples, & cases, all over the place. Our election process will become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World. Tell that to your hater.” Our Commander-in-Chief didn’t pull any punches, but isn’t this just one of the many things we admire about the guy?

No true American Patriot should even begin to consider vote-by-mail as a viable option this election cycle, pandemic, or no pandemic. The Federal government has created guidelines for its citizens to safely cast their votes in the flesh, at an officially designated voting center where the chances of fraud are insurmountably reduced.

Tom Cotton has had enough. President Donald J. Trump has had enough. And America’s true citizens who give a hoot about the future of our great Nation have more than had enough. See you at the polls. You know what your favorite color is.