Tragedy Strikes as Teens Kill Driver Just to Get His Car but the Media Spins It Another Way

Most people in the United States deplores the murder of any person regardless of the color of their skin or ethnic background. Life is precious in all its forms and should be respected and preserved. The murder of infants at the hands of the Democrats and the senseless murders happening all around the country have no place in a country where people live free.

But the fact is that there are people that think they have a right to take things that belong to other people. They even believe that they have a right to kill the victim just to get material possessions that will fade over time. The lust to have what other people own is a Democratic philosophy that they push people to believe, and what it leads to are murder and violent behaviors.

When a 66-year-old man was killed by two girls that were 13 and 15-years-old the country stopped in disbelief the murder even took place. The two girls came after Mohammad Anwar with the sole purpose of stealing his car. The girls pulled out a taser and shocked him nearly to death. Once they got him incapacitated, they took the car and crashed it, killing the owner.

The outright disregard for human life is what is really troubling about this theft gone wrong. They were willing to kill a man so they could steal his car. The video shows that one of the girls was more concerned about her phone than the life of the man she had just killed.

The mass media is not handling the truth very well. They seem more concerned that the girls were black than the fact that they killed a man.

The murdered man was simply out earning a living for his family. The American dream Was absolute to Anwar, and he decided that it would be best for him to work hard for his family. But two teenage girls would change that reality by murdering him in cold blood.

The liberals want to drag racism into the picture by complaining about the publicity that this story is getting on the airways. They are crying that the conservatives are telling this story over and over. Instead of feeling sympathy for the family that lost their loved one, the Democrats are siding with the killers because they are black.

CNN alluded to the murder as a mere “accident.” As if to excuse the criminal behavior that led to the murder of Anwan. The Democrats just cannot get over the ego enough to realize that racism has nothing to do with their actions. These two girls are greedy and have bought into the liberal’s philosophy that they can take anything from anyone, even it means killing the other person.

Hunter Walker is the insane man that was offended by the sharing of the story by conservatives. He stated very disrespectfully that “There are a lot of far right commentators sharing this horrific story and highlighting the fact the perpetrators are Black.” He believes that the color of the person cannot be talked about unless the person has none at all.

Liberal racists viciously attack White people because they love to push the divisive issue. He went on to rant that “But there are also more mainstream conservatives sharing this story including from outlets like the Daily Caller and GOP operatives. In some cases, they’re copying videos taken directly from the far-right explicitly racist voices including popular Gab and Telegram accounts.”

This tragedy has nothing to do with race or religion. It has everything to do with fundamental human rights. Those issues include the right to live and the right to make a living for oneself. But the murderous liberals want to deny those rights from the smallest to the oldest.

When a political party or liberal base makes a move to politicize a murder attempt, they have moved from caring about life to exacting control over life even at the expense of taking from the victim. These teenage girls murdered a man in cold blood by trying to steal his car. Racism is only an issue because the liberals want to push their poison on every story that shows up in the news.