Trump Incinerates Officials Standing Between Americans and Proof the 2020 Election Was Rigged

Former President Donald Trump promised that we hadn’t seen the last of him when he left the White House in January of this year. True to his word, he has spoken up, offering an insider’s opinion on many of the actions of the current administration. This is comforting to some, infuriating to others, and seemingly exactly what the former president wants for his legacy.

Many conservatives see Trump’s statements as a way of anchoring themselves to an opinion they believe in, who had (hopefully) the highest possible security clearance, and therefore the most accurate picture of the entire situation and all its moving parts.

That’s why when Trump makes a statement about election fraud, while it might seem it could be self-serving since he claims to have unfairly lost the last election, it’s also worth taking into consideration that the former president also really doesn’t like being wrong, and if he says that he believes the election was rigged, and he wants it to be looked into, it’s possible that it should be looked into.

“Why are the Radical Left Democrats in Georgia fighting so hard that there not be a Forensic Audit of 150,000 absentee ballots in Fulton County?” Trump asked in a Friday statement on his website. “There can be only one reason, and that is because they know the vote was corrupt and the audit will show it. Republicans must fight hard and win!” he added.

Trump’s push for transparency came after a ruling from earlier in the month where Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero who is the justice in charge of the case, canceled a meeting on Friday to discuss what protocols should be followed during the case, according to The Western Journal. The judge has presided over multiple motions to dismiss the case in the county that is home to Atlanta, the state’s largest city.

“Fulton County, the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections, and the Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts all filed motions to dismiss Wednesday night and Thursday morning arguing the plaintiffs failed to properly serve them notice of the suit,” Georgia Public Broadcasting reported.

“The filings also allege plaintiffs sued the wrong people, the defendants are protected under sovereign immunity and that plaintiffs failed to state a claim that entitles them to court action.”

Fulton county has pushed back hard, doing anything possible to keep those who believe the election was fraudulent from seeing the documents. The state said that while they still believed there did not need to be an audit, but if there was one, it needed to be done by an independent group.

“The petitioners would be of the view that they are the ones to defend their own constitutional rights in this suit that they have filed,” the judge responded to that position.

“[W]hether they have the right to conduct these independent viewings, not a physical inspection, but an inspection nonetheless, a visual inspection, combined with an opportunity to have ballot images at resolution that allows them to pursue their claims, that seems to be something they have the authority and the right to do,” he further stated.

These developments were bookended by another statement on the part of the president who made another statement on his website, asserting that there was a potential break-in at the building where the Fulton county ballots were being kept:

“BREAKING: Alarm Went Off at Secure Building in Fulton County Georgia Where Ballots Are Kept – Building Found Wide Open”

The president went on to encourage his supporters, however, saying that “Great work is being done in Georgia revealing the Election Fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election. But, we must not allow ANYONE to compromise these ballots by leaving the building unsecured, which was done late Friday.

“Republicans and Patriots must protect this site and the Absentee Ballots. The Left talks about election security but they do not practice what they preach because they are afraid of what might be found. Fulton County Leadership—do the right thing and protect these ballots. Our Country is at stake!”