Trump Makes Decision on Troops Staying in Afghanistan

The United States of America has troops all around the world that are protecting American interests and innocent people. They have put their lives on the line for the well-being of the nation and others that ally themselves with America.

Over the years America has been involved in the war in Afghanistan in an attempt to root out terror from the desolate regions of that country. The United States has had tremendous success in killing the terrorist before they can enact their violence on the innocent.

With the terrorist organizations under control, it is now time for the troops to come home. This past week President Trump announced that he is planning on withdrawing most of the troops but will let 8,600 of them remain to help settle the void that is going to show up once the troops are gone.

Afghanistan is a country that needed the United States to help them get these terrorist cells under control. Afghanistan was beginning to be overrun by these barbarians that have no regard for human life.

The 8,600 troops would remain in the country to help keep the peace. The Afghan government was nearing defeat at the hands of these terrorist groups. They needed the United States to step in and help them regain control.

The 8,600 troops that are planned to remain will help keep the new stability in the country until the Afghan government can officially maintain control of the region.

President Trump does not make this decision lightly. He has met with his top advisors, and he believes this is the right course of action.

The American troops have been actively training the Afghan people how to conduct counter-terrorism operations, so they can do it themselves in the months ahead. The Taliban are a ruthless bunch of thugs that seek to kill people that stand in their way of dominance.

The Afghan people are ready for peace. After 18 years of war in their country, they are ready to take control. The peace plan should be how the troops can leave. The remaining 8,600 is there is finish up what was started years ago and to finish the Afghan training.

The last thing anyone wants to see happen is for the Taliban to take over once the United States pulls out. They have been beaten back by the world’s greatest military force, the United States military.

The Taliban thought it would be a good idea to attack the United States but found out that it is not a good idea to attack the strongest military on the planet.

The United States will still have a troop presence in Afghanistan even though the troops are leaving the president has indicated. Afghanistan has a very rough and unforgiving terrain that makes for the perfect environment to breed terrorists.

They can hideout in the mountains for years and never be found. The Taliban are entering into a peace agreement with the United States. The agreement that they are signing makes the Taliban responsible for keeping Afghanistan from becoming that place where terrorism breeds. For too long it has been a place of sanctuary for terrorists and other killers.

The president is using the word withdrawal because it sounds like the United States is abandoning the Afghan people. He is reducing the number of troops because it is no longer necessary to have that many serving in Afghanistan right now.

The removal of the troops is one of the President’s campaign promises from 2016. Even after three years, the president is still proving he is a man of his word and his desire is to deliver on what he has promised.

The American people elected President Trump with the hopes that he would be a trustworthy president. And that is exactly what he has proven to be.

Even when the devilish Democrats painted him to be a criminal he was found to be innocent. The only thing that the American people saw was criminal was the entire Democratic Party and the way they tried to destroy people through the years.