Trump Makes Remark at Rally and Sends Democrats Running in Fear

Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott both have a great relationship with each other. They both have the same goals of wanting to protect the nation and keep making America great. They both realize that Joe Biden has blown off the American people and embraced illegals and communists. He only seeks to do what is right in his own eyes and could care less about the rest of the country.

When the two mighty Republicans get together, their minds work in similar ways. They can come up with solutions to problems that Biden can only hope of understanding. And when both of the men got together for a town hall meeting, the people were excited to see that there is hope still available they can trust in.

Donald Trump has kept himself involved with the state of the Union. He has not walked away from engaging in politics and exposing the errors of the Democratic Party. He remains a terror to the media and an icon to the nation.

When Trump entered the White House in 2016, he dealt with several problems created by Barack Obama and his lack of leadership. The liberal Obama had only one thing in mind, and that was what he could get out of being president. He wanted to make a name for himself instead of working for the people.

Trump was given a border problem that was horrible to understand. There were thousands of people driving into the country and pressing their way across the border with drugs in tow and people in the back of trucks. Obama instituted the idea of placing kids in cages, which Biden has picked up on and continues the practice.

Donald Trump saw the problem and worked to get Mexico and other Central American countries to work with him to stop the flow of illegals into America. He was able to form a treaty with Mexico that kept illegals in Mexico until their court date. And as a result, the number of illegal crossings dropped dramatically.

His team was able to identify the hot spots where the illegals were crossing the most and build 500 miles of wall to keep them out. And all along the way to securing the border, the liberals cried and whined about the injustice of keeping America secure.

Trump was able to stem the tide of people. Which is what some have said could never be done. And as soon as Joe Biden gets into office, he reluctantly removes those safeguards and allows a record number of people to flow into the country. All because he could not stand to have Donald Trump’s rules in place. All he had to do was leave them alone, and the country would have been safe for another four years.

Biden’s reversal was the secret signal that the illegals needed to start their journeys north again. And now that they are moving again, Biden is content to let them come.

But Greg Abbott is not content to sit back and let many criminals embraced by Biden overrun his state. He and Trump had already pointed out that Biden is flying illegals into the country and dropping them off in key cities around the country. And they are doing it without letting state governors know that they are coming.

Biden also put a stop to the wall being completed. But Abbott fired up construction in his state again because he wants to secure Texas and keep the illegals out. Abbott also called on other states to come and help. Nebraska and Florida answered the call and sent law enforcement and the National Guard to Texas to help buffer the border and keep the people safe.

But the great thing that Donald Trump said. The host asked him if he was planning on running again in 2024. And as the crowd waited for the answer, Trump replied that he was going to make a comeback.

The Democrats are scared because they failed at attacking Donald Trump his entire term. And they cannot seem to get their act together to take him now. He is just too well-loved by the people and equipped to attack them head-on.