Trump Questions Pelosi’s Mental Stability

The mental stability of Nancy Pelosi has to be wavering as her head has exploded with all the social injustices that she is responsible for. For three years she has had to fight her party by moving in the same direction.

She has had to fight with younger more evil versions of herself on issues of socialism and mass murder of innocent babies. Her party has effectively pushed her into a corner where she had to allow them to move forward in their attacks towards the president.

Nancy Pelosi is no longer fit to remain in office as she does not have what it takes to control a bunch of liberal loonies seeking to destroy a country that she and all of them live in.

Their blindness to the greatness of America has led to her going insane as she walks ahead of her demoralizing and demonized political party. President Trump gave her a knockdown that she will soon not forget as he once again has questioned her mental stability and ability to effectively lead her party.

In wonderful words of praise, the president stated that “But I have to deal with crazy Nancy, she’s crazy like a … like a bed bug. She is nuts. What she’s doing — and she’s not talented. She’s highly overrated. All she’s doing is sitting. She’s not doing anything for the people. And now it turns out that the whole impeachment thing is a scam.” The president sees the truth of the mental state of Pelosi and it is just getting worse.

Pushy Pelosi stands before a bunch of people and acts like she knows what she is doing. In various meetings with the president, she has gotten up and stormed out of the meeting because she was not getting what she wanted.

She was acting like a spoiled brat running from daddy because he told her not to something she wanted. She has been and continues to be an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. Pelosi is the best that the Democrats have to lead them. The rest in the party are worthless people that cannot find their way in any matters of the country.

For three years she would never let the threat of impeachment take off because she knew that there was nothing that they could stand on. But since she has no backbone to stand against the pressure of her party, she caved in and now she is fighting for her political life as leader and failure of the Democratic party. There is not one thing that the party has accomplished since they took control of the House two years ago.

President Trump has been vocal and correct in his analysis of naughty Nancy Pelosi. She has played the fool that her party would have her play. She is the face of a party of fools that have embarrassed themselves before a watching world.

The world cannot take anything that they say seriously because everything they say is full of lies. President Trump was right when he stated that “They must think we’re nuts in this country. The Democrats, they look like fools.” President Trump was referring to how the world looks at the country.

No wonder that rogue nations defy the United States. The dumb Democrats have led them to believe that there are no teeth left for the United States to use against enemies of the country. The country is only great once again because of what the president has done to return the nation to that rightful status of greatness that its citizens have fought for throughout the years.

Too many men and women have given their lives to make America the best place in the world to live and grow. The wacky Democrats and crazy Pelosi have done their worst to destroy the country.

Nancy Pelosi is crazy just like President Trump has said she is. She cannot control herself let alone her party of foolish clowns. The more she talks the worse she is going to look to the rest of the world.