Trump Says Obama and Biden Were Caught Spying on Him Recently

Throughout the year’s Democratic politicians have spied on Republican presidents for the simple purpose of getting information about them that can be used to ruin their reputation. During the 2016 campaign, it was determined that the dirty left had secretly spied on Donald Trump so they could find anything of substance to beat him at the ballot box.

But nothing was found that they could use. And for the past four years, they have sought to control him and his every move and failed. They have even planted their liberal operatives in his administration only have them discovered and fired. They are acting like a rogue nation planting spies within their enemy ranks.

President Trump has every reason to believe that it is happening this election year. The failed Democratic Party has nothing with which to fight him as November draws closer. For four years they have subpoenaed people with the purpose of dragging out information about the president.

They have prepped people behind closed doors with what they should say in testimony when asked about a certain thing. They are the dirtiest political party known to ever exist.

President Trump has gone on the record and rightly accused Barack Obama and his presidential candidate puppet, Joe Biden, of spying on him and his 2020 campaign. The media is quick to point out that those accusations have never been proven.

But they fail to realize the reality of how the facts look. Some of the things that the dirty left has claimed about the president could have only been obtained through their underground spy network.

The president stated that if he tried to do some of the things that the dying Democrats have done, then he would be facing “50 years for treason” in federal prison. And he is right on target. When a Democrat does something dirty, there is only a slap on the hand.

But when a Republican does something dirty, they are locked away for the rest of their lives. Obama and Biden have racked up enough years behind bars that they skeletons would turn to dust before they ever get out.

Christ Wallace was the host of Fox News Sunday, and he had the chance to interview the president. Over and over again they played clips of the president making statements that the virus would be gone, and things could get back to normal. Which is a safe response.

The virus drama will disappear and will soon be forgotten. The events of the election will overshadow the drama and it will not be brought up again. The president stated that he would “be right eventually.” And he’s right.

The liberal left supports the removal of anything that defines America. They hate the Confederate flag and all that it stands for. The flag is a part of the history of the country and should be remembered. The president noted that the flag stands to honor those of the South. It no longer represents a separate nation or rebellion from slave owners seeking to divide a nation.

But those dastardly Democrats push the division to the point that people are ready to fight to see it either go or stay. These issues are hot right now because the Democrats want to overshadow the crimes they are committing by spying on the president and lying to the American people.

In the same interview, Wallace fed faked news to the president only to be proven wrong with facts. There is a part of Biden that cannot compete with the mental ability of President Trump. Biden has a tough time getting words out and even talking intelligently. He has to be coached by slinky Obama and fed an agenda by Bernie Sanders.

He just cannot think for himself. Wallace compared President Trump to Biden mentally, but the president was not having anything of it. President Trump stated to Wallace that “It’s all a misrepresentation. Because, yes, the first few questions are easy, but I’ll bet you couldn’t even answer the last five questions.”

Biden is a mental has-been. His mind is gone. Biden and Obama work together to spy on the president so they can have talking points. But who knows is if Biden can actually get those facts straight.