Trump Shows Strong Support of Venezuela

Trump Shows Strong Support of Venezuela
Trump Shows Strong Support of Venezuela

President Trump is standing strong on his support for Venezuela. His recent speech in Miami, Florida, to a crowd of mostly Venezuelan and Cuban immigrants, was directed to the Venezuelan military and President Maduro. He wants them to back Juan Guaido, who is the interim president, and allow the US to provide aid for Venezuela. Our president is making no bones about the fact that he won’t back down and let their country starve to death.

Hot Points

  • Trump called out Maduro, the de facto president of Venezuela, saying, “Two days ago the first US Air Force C-17 landed in Columbia loaded with crucial assistance, including thousands of nutrition kits for little Venezuelan children. Unfortunately, dictator Maduro has blocked this life-saving aid from entering the country. He would rather see his people starve than give them aid.” He continued, “You must not follow Maduro’s orders.”
  • Trump wants Venezuela to have the supplies it needs – and is willing to provide them – but he’s making it clear he has his limits. That came across in his recent comments, when he said “We seek a peaceful transition of power, but all options are open. The twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere. The days of socialism and communism are numbered, not only in Venezuela, but in Nicaragua and Cuba as well. And to those who would try to impose socialism on the United States, we again deliver a very simple message: America will never be a socialist country.”
  • Maduro responded to Trump, criticizing his speech as “almost Nazi-style”. Maduro has made no effort to cooperate with the US, and clearly has no intention on giving up his position as leader of this country.
  • John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, describes the Venezuelan military officials as “negotiating with the opposition”. He says “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see in the next weeks senior military officials declare for Guiado or leave the country.”

Trump sees Venezuela as a country in need, with people who are unable to remove themselves from the situation they are in. His aim is to provide help to these less fortunate people. How can the Dems find fault in that? Well, give them time; they will fabricate something new to take away from the good our president is doing.