Trump Signs Executive Order for Big Pay Raises

President Trump just continues to make things better for the people of the United States. Many of his executive orders have been aimed at the security of the nation and the rollback of Obama’s deadly regulations on various industries.

Each time he issues executive order things improve rather quickly for the people affected by the order. His latest order was aimed at raising the pay for all the federal employees throughout the nation

The president signed the order without batting an eye. He is determined to raise the pay of federal employees because they have been left out too many times in the past. There have been smaller raises in the past decade but nothing that matches the 2.6 percent that people will see in their checks.

The raise is set to pay out the first pay period of 2020. The president knows that when people do not have raises every year they are essentially having their pay cut because of inflation.

This will be the largest pay raise in the past 10 years. Obama would have never thought about giving federal employees more money. He would rather have seen the money given to fellow Democrats first because he and his political party are money hungry.

But President Trump cares about the people and more about what they need to make their lives better. 2.6 percent may not seem like a lot of money, but it all helps in the long term. People will find that the extra money in their checks will allow them to pay off bills or do extra things with it.

The pay raises will affect people differently in select regions. It has been reported that “Federal employees in four dozen city zones across the country will also see additional raises. Workers in the Washington-Baltimore area will receive the highest overall raise at 3.52 percent, with government employees in the San Francisco and Seattle metro areas coming in next with 3.4 percent, San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York federal workers are all receiving a raise between 3.3 to 3.4 percent.”

The schedule that most federal employees are called the General Schedule. This is the salary setup that is “used by the government that covers most nonexecutive white-collar federal employees.”

The most that people can earn under this schedule is $170,800. This may seem like a lot of money but these are all areas where the cost of living has gotten out of control. President Trump knows the burden that federal employees have to make ends meet with their current level of pay.

Many of the people will receive the 2.6 percent and many more will receive an additional percentage on top of what they are being paid now. A lot of people have gone for years without a raise and now have fallen behind because of inflation.

The 2.6 percent is just a small way of helping them catch up with the rest of the people working non-government jobs for more money.

Some people have been critical of the decision because it took some time to issue the order. But the slow response only proves that President Trump thinks through his orders before making them law.

One ignorant Democrat stated that “Finally. It’s simply inexcusable and yet another example of the Trump administration’s disregard for federal workers that this pay raise that we fought so hard for took so long to implement.”

The uninformed Democrat is trying to take the credit for the raise that the president has issued. The only reason that the president had to make it an executive order is because the Democrats would have never been in favor of such a move because it came from a Republican president.

President Trump looks out for the wellbeing of the people that work for the federal government. The Democrats seek to make their lives miserable by keeping their pay low and never issuing a raise. But the president is reversing that trend with this most generous wage increase. This is just one of many reasons why the nation loves its president.