Trump Tells Terrified Dems It’s Time to Come Out from Under Their Beds

Little kids are often afraid of monsters under their beds or in their closets. They are usually big and scary in the child’s mind that they will hide to keep the monster from finding them. The coronavirus certainly has been a big scary monster to the Democrats.

It is something that continues to confuse them as they try and control what they do not understand. It would be best for the childish Democrats to hide under their beds until President Trump scares the monster away.

President Trump has to look at the big picture. He has to weigh the cost of reopening the country and the safety and health of all the people. He has to find the right balance. Critics are quick to complain about both sides of the issue.

But they do not have the complete picture. If the country remains closed, people lose their homes and cannot eat. If all safety precautions are removed, then COVID-19 sweeps through the nation. But that may be what needs to happen to scare the monster away for the childish Democrats.

Some people claim that he is trying to rewrite history. But the truth is that he is balancing what was learned from history with what is happening today. When President Trump wisely looks back at the first confirmed case and what happened to the country at that time, he cannot help but keep from making the same choices. Everyone now sees what a lockdown does to the country and people. They lose their jobs and the economy gets worse.

President Trump is pushing the governors to open. The only ones that are resisting are the scared little Democrats. They hate the president and refuse to work with him. Like, little kids, they are doing the exact opposite and shutting their states down.

People living under the rule of the children are screaming at them to stop being afraid of a little virus. COVID-19 has proven itself to be less deadly than the flu. It’s time for the states to reopen.

But the dense Democrats refuse to see the data for what it is. It is a picture of how the virus is not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Critics are quick to point out that the president should not have his campaign rallies, and then they cry about him canceling them. They are just attacking the man and not working with him.

There is nothing the Democrats in the House can claim for victory this past term. Even those in the Senate cannot claim much by way of victory given that their ideas mirror those of the rebellious House. Their focus for two years was on impeachment which flopped in their sad faces.

The spike of the coronavirus has nothing to do with a new wave of infections. It rather is a result of people being back out in public. There was going to be an increase at the start of the reopening. But now in the states considered to be a hotspot, the numbers are on the decline again.

The final phase of reopening needs to happen before fall so COVID-19 can find its proper place in the long line of sicknesses that plague mankind during the winter months.

The president has also started modeling what needs to be done in the short-term to curve the virus. When the president first wore a mask in public the media quickly showed their fear by ripping him for going back on a decision not to wear one.

But he is wise enough to know that is he asks people to wear one, then he should too. Democrats on the other hand believe they are above the rules, so they refuse to do what they order others to do. Their fear affects their criminal behavior.

President Trump is set for a major COVID-19 victory. The liberals are set to stay under their beds until the virus is beaten. Joe Biden won’t come out of his cave until it is gone. But President Trump lives as an example to all people that life must go on.