Trump to Syria: You Will Be Free From ISIS ‘by Tonight’

How Did the Syrian War Start?
On March 15, it will be eight years since the Syrian Civil War started. In March 2011 a pro-democracy demonstration demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, who succeeded his father, Hafez, after he died in 2000.
The president decided to use lethal force against the demonstrators, which ultimately lead to citizens taking up arms. Assad vowed to destroy what he called “foreign-backed terrorism.”
It didn’t take long before the violence in Syria became a full-fledged war between President Bashar al-Assad and those who opposed him. In 2011 Islamic State joined the rebellion against the Syrian president, providing them with access to weaponry and a place to settle into.
In 2014 ISIS started to move into towns on the Iraq/Syria border. As their forces grew, they were able to move into eastern Syria which is where the heaviest fighting of the war was taking place. This is where they gained the majority of their power and started to build a stronghold.
Where is the Islamic State Today?
According to The Hill, President Trump said the last of the Islamic State’s territory in Syria would be freed by U.S.-backed forces, “by tonight.” Trump held up a map of IS-held territory showcasing the difference between the land they held when he took office and what they have now.
The most recent map shows what Trump says is a “tiny spot which will be gone by tonight.” He says that, when he was elected, Syria was “a mess” and awash in IS fighters.

In the recent past, Trump has announced the defeat of the Islamic State in Syria. He also said the U.S. would keep 400 troops in Syria indefinitely.
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