Truth Bomb: The Number of Americans Who Want the Police Defunded

Quick – someone needs to tell Black Lives Matter and the rest of the protesters that the United States is a democracy. It means that the government is ruled by the majority of the people. The majority makes the decisions. According to polls, the majority of people still want to fund the police. That’s what really matters.

There are mayors across the country, including New York City’s Bill De Blasio hot to defund the police. Why? Because there are protests in their backyard telling them to do so? Let’s take it to the polls.

According to a recent YouGov poll, only 16 percent of Americans are in favor of cutting funds from police departments. Activists and politicians out in the streets following George Floyd’s death would have you believe very differently.

Now, the poll does show a divide between white and black American voters when asked the same question. 75 percent of white respondents want to leave funding right where it is. Meanwhile, only 36 percent of black voters are fine with that.

What happens if we get rid of the police department? This is the question people aren’t asking. What happens in low-income neighborhoods where crimes against whites, blacks, and Hispanics alike occur on a daily basis? Why is it that one corrupt police officer requires completely dismantling the police departments in the United States?

These are the questions that have to be asked – and too many protesters aren’t asking them. They’re blindly calling for the defunding of the police without looking at all of the good that police do offer inside of a community.

The police are responsible for maintaining order and safety, enforcing the law, preventing criminal activities and investigating crimes as they happen. Without police departments in place, none of that happens. That’s when anarchy breaks out and good people get hurt.

Leave it to one of our congresswomen to be one of the loudest about the issue. Democratic representative Ilham Omar of Minnesota is looking to “completely dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department, as she tells protesters.

She gets everyone riled up by calling for a dismantling. She calls the department “rotten to the root.” What she doesn’t say is what happens after it’s been dismantled. Is she calling for no police at all? Is she calling for retraining? This is the problem with too many of the Democrats. They want to get everyone angry without creating solutions.

True to “The Squad” of freshmen Democrats, AOC is being just as loud in NYC, touting a similar message as Ilhan Omar. She has sworn to a “reduction” of the NYPD budget, which she’d like to see go toward housing.

There’s the problem that they’re all forgetting. The United States is a democracy. Most of the voters are not out in the streets. They’re not the ones fighting for Black Lives Matter and demanding the defunding of police departments.

Most of the voters are still in their homes, adhering to the social distancing regulations of the pandemic. They’re the ones who want to be able to pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1 if there’s a problem in their neighborhood. They want to see a friendly police officer knock on their door and ask how they can help.

Too many of the Democratic politicians are catering to the protesters. They think that’s going to win them the votes in November. There may need to be a hard look at getting rid of some of the “rotten” police officers, but that doesn’t mean stripping away the funding. That only hurts the community.

The polls are out, which means that everyone needs to listen. The polls show that most Americans still want to fund the police departments. We want to be kept safe. Most police officers do their job. We want to keep them employed. We are the people. We are the democracy. Hear us and continue to fund the police.