Truth Bomb: The Real Reason Why Democrats Are Going After Barr

(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

These Democrats are something else.  Impeachment did not work on Trump, so Democrats have no other ways to stop the President.  Now they are going after the Attorney General William Barr for doing his job.

The frustration of being sore losers causes the bitterness and the claws to come out.  They are saying Barr is politicizing the Justice Department and federal law enforcement.

Democrats are angry because Barr took up the case of Roger Stone.  If anything has to do with the President, they want to try and shut it down.  Stone is a friend of President Trump, and it was mentioned there was reason to look deeper into the case.  When anger comes from Democrats when the word investigations are mentioned, they get scared.

So what else can Democrats do but go on the warpath again?  The leader of the baboons, Nancy Pelosi, called Barr, “one of Trump’s henchmen.”  She added, “The attorney general has stooped to such levels.  What a sad disappointment. The American people deserve better.”

Is that the best the Democrats have?  It is hard to imagine anyone being offended by this.  Maybe, that is why they call them “Snowflakes.”  We “deserve better” than the Democrats we see today.  That’s for sure!  These are by far more lethal and corrupt than anyone could have ever imagined.

It was noted how weary the Democrats looked when making these recent statements against Barr.  They ran out of things to say about Trump and could not keep a good man down, so they try the next best good guy.

Pelosi and Schiff put the Ukraine inquiry on the back burner for now.  However, they are still talking of maybe a John Bolton testimony.  The real reason they are trying to pull back out of the Ukraine scandal is that Barr has all the information he needs in front of him to go after the Bidens.

If the Democrats prolong the Ukraine issues, they feel they will get caught.  It will expose their sickness for impeaching Trump.  They will all get caught anyway, and we all know it!

It’s funny what many Democrats are now saying behind closed doors.  They say, “They want to look forward, not backward, and conduct oversight of the Republican president’s actions in real-time.”  In other words, they have nothing!

Democrats are examining the Stone case and looking for information if Barr is doing anything illegal while intervening in the case.  Really???  Stone-faced conviction for perjury, witness tampering, and obstruction of the House investigations.

Trump was found to have been innocent of all accusations.  Why is Stone facing seven to nine years?  This is what Barr is going to find the answer.  Should Stone have even been convicted, and will the President give him a full pardon?  These questions will be answered in time after Barr is done with his investigations.

As Trump praised Barr on Twitter for taking the case, the four prosecutors withdrew immediately.  Things that make one go hmmm…  The Democrats didn’t like that too much, so they are starting their own investigations.  They cannot defeat Trump and or Barr, so they are now trying to limit their powers.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin from Maryland, who was one of the most outspoken in the House, pushed the hardest for Trump to get impeached.  Raskin had this to say, “The resignation and defection of these prosecutors is a huge alarm bell going off in our system.  So, that is the immediate emergency.”

Yes, it is a sign of an emergency for the Democrats.  Only guilty parties run when the fire gets too hot.  This is why investigations will be occurring to put an end to the corruption behind the scenes.  There is no one better than Attorney General William Barr, the Rottweiler of the DOJ, to get the job done.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler made the announcement Barr will be testifying before Congress at the end of March.  The committee will question him concerning the Stone case and why he is getting involved.  Why won’t the Democrats hang it up?  They keep beating something dead and laid to rest.

Democrats sent a letter to the Barr stating, “In the past week alone, you have taken steps that raise grave questions about your leadership.”  They also want to know why he is getting involved in the Ukraine scandal.  This is a sign of the Democrats working to discredit the truth as it will come forth.