Tulsi Gabbard Throws a Political Curveball

Crush Rush/shutterstock.com

This is an awesome political curveball…Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic presidential candidate, is on the speaking platform at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week, according to an announcement by the group’s chair. The former Hawaii Democratic representative is going to address the Ronald Reagan Dinner at the conference on Saturday night. She will be speaking alongside Glenn Beck, a well-known conservative leader who will be giving the keynote address. 

This is a curveball not only for the CPAC event but also for Gabbard herself. But in the last few months, the Hawaiian representative has been increasing her attacks on President Joe Biden and her Democratic Party. These remarks have gotten the attention of conservative media. 

Gabbard will be joined at the event in Orlando, Florida by former President Donald Trump and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. That’s not the only GOP firepower, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also be on the platform. All three of these men have been considered to be frontrunners for the 2024 presidential race on the GOP ticket. 

Gabbard took to Twitter earlier this week and predicted that the looming conflict between Russia and Ukraine will quickly “go cyber.” She said that there will be mutual attacks on communication and information assets. The effect will be to blind each other to their plans and intentions. Gabbard warned that in the confusion there could be a misunderstanding or a miscalculation that would drastically increase the risk of the invasion going nuclear. 

The former presidential candidate asked, “And what for? To supposedly protect a ‘democracy’ that really isn’t a democracy; to distract from domestic failures/show how tough Biden is. Biden can prevent war, but I fear he lacks the courage to do so.”

Gabbard also posted a clip from an interview that she did over the weekend with Fox News. She again questioned President Biden’s work with Russia and Ukraine. She wanted to know what the White House was trying to achieve in Ukraine and how it would benefit the people of America. She questioned the cost of our strategy and said that the White House just won’t answer these questions. Gabbard warned of a significant increase in inflation and the cost of living, and she warned of Russian retaliation.

Gabbard did focus her harsh words just on Biden, she had some things to say about former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. She lashed out at Clinton over the information released in the surprising Durham report. It alleged that a Clinton campaign lawyer worked with a tech firm to steal information from both Trump Tower and the Oval Office while Trump was president. They were attempting to build a case of the connection between Trump and Russia. 

Gabbard did not mince words calling what Clinton and her powerful elite did manufacturing a Russian collusion lie and undermining our democracy. She said that Clinton could have moved us into a new cold war with Russia. 

The damage that they did to the American people, our democracy, and others around the world is immeasurable. It’s impossible to measure,” Gabbard said. She declared that Clinton and her “warmongers” needed to be held accountable.

But that’s not all. Gabbard also had some words for Vice President Kamala Harris. While speaking with Sean Hannity on the Fox News network, she said that the vice president’s remarks about Russia were “embarrassing.” She also noted that the vice president did not have the “temperament” to be a voice for our nation on the world stage. 

Could it be that a fourth candidate could join Trump, DeSantis, and Pompeo for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024?