Twitter Announced What They Plan to Be Their Final Diss to Trump

President Donald Trump has had a love/hate relationship with Twitter ever since starting his presidential campaign, but in recent days, it’s migrated toward the latter.

While the president has been able to use the ingenious platform to assist him in speaking directly to the people of the United States when he believes that his message is being misconstrued by the news media, the platform has also taken steps to discredit him when they believe he’s speaking out of turn.

That has caused the president to be critical of the potential encroachment on the freedom of speech and/or discrimination that the platform could be perpetrating. However, that feud seems to have grown to a fever pitch as the Jan 20 inauguration approaches and the official President of the United States verified account could be switching hands.

Thanks to the firm and continued declaration by cable news networks that former Vice President Joe Biden won the election, even those outside the network circuit have taken it upon themselves to consider Biden the winner, despite the ongoing legal battles and recounts going on in several key battleground states.

Included in the list of unconcerned seems to be Twitter’s management. The Hill reported that the platform plans to turn over the verified @POTUS Twitter account to Biden on January 20th, regardless of whether Trump has conceded, or if the legal battles have been settled.

This Friday revelation comes after the platform began to warn people that tweets sent by the president might not be accurate.

According to The Hill, A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to them that the tech giant is “actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021.” In addition to the @POTUS account, @whitehouse, @VP, @FLOTUS, and a number of other official accounts will be handed over, according to the report.

“The process is being done in consultation with the National Archives and Records Administration,” the publication reported.

“Twitter also confirmed that staffers will meet with representatives from the Biden-Harris transition team in the coming months to review how the new administration plans to use its government-related accounts,” The Hill stated.

The account in question isn’t Trump’s primary account. He has continued to use his @realdonaldtrump account throughout his presidency, amassing a massive following. However, the @POTUS account, which has on its own around 32 million followers, also mirrors much of what the leader of the free word puts into the twitter-verse.

Should the platform make good on their promise to turn the account over to the new media-enthroned president, Biden will receive the newly-realized highly effective way of communicating with the public while in office and the current tweets that were posted during the Trump administration will be archived, and the account will be reset to zero tweets according to The Hill.

Twitter has had its own issues, outside of its dealings with the president, however (and partially because of it, according to some). A recently published diatribe by NYU professor Scott Galloway called on Dorsey to be removed from his office according to Yahoo Finance.

“He should be fired,” Galloway told Yahoo Finance Live. “This is a big company with thousands of employees that plays a big role in the discourse of society, and about 1 p.m. every day he peaces out and he goes to another firm,” Galloway said, in reference to Dorsey’s dual role as CEO of Square.

The professor made the case that that Dorsey being a part-time boss at both companies “renders him totally incapable of providing the attention and leadership” that Twitter needs.

Whether Twitter (and Dorsey) will attempt to repair their reputation or continue on the path the destruction remains to be seen. But one thing that’s very clear; their attempt at seeming neutral is all in the past.